Black People : From Sun Rise To Sun Set Living Life

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
From Sun Rise To Sun Set Living Life

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Living Life is a journey in time, it is the space across the sky have you to say hello and goodbye, space between the coming of life to the setting of living that is all that time has given, use it as you will, sometimes not according to your will, you do.

To the Black Afrikan Race, I refer to here pointing to the space and time we have on our journey living from sunrise to sunset year to year not even taking into consideration the choices you get to make always seeking fun always been put in a condition to run, not for fun but for the preservation of your life living opportunity given to you by the Divine Essence, God Divine Intellectual Unity.

The giving of birth is likened to the Sun Rising, it begins its journey across the sky in a space-traveling to meet the time of the Sun Setting such a journey is with limited time in such a progression causing the alternating of Daylight with Night Energy Glow spewing Divine Intelligence to keep all things in motion on the go until time says no more.

Sunrise is the youthful period of time in motion, life, it is for the living with all types of emotion crossing the skyspace of living the decisions you make be they acceptable to the Greater Good for you or unacceptable for the Greater Pain to you, for such is your making based on the choices you be making and chances were/are taken on the journey likened to the Sun rising to the Sunsetting, life living from birth to death, what you do in between is yours to caress or detest, depend on what you do for your living best to Divinely Rest, living life Divinely is your test.

You allow those to come in your midst making claim to have all type of information about Life living ways, you not taking responsibility of your living days to make of them in a way that will have you to know what must be the cause to have you living Divinely during the time of your Living days.

Knowing is precious as can be, believing means you live and do not see, from the time of Sunrise to Sunset, you live without freedom doing not your best.

Life Living opportunity is only for a moment use the time that comes with it use wisely there is no second chance to get it to be to your Greater Good in the cycle of living, Life Rise and Living Set, the end will come you can bet.

Freedom is your Greatest Peace and Joy, experiencing it now is the only Time you know about and do not allow anybody to take it away from you and when you do, you have the same responsibility to take it back, Living Life deserves to be Free.

Divine Respect

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