Black People : From Slavery to Mass Incarceration:

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    In Dr Francis Cress Welsing book "The Isis Papers"
    she states that there are four stages of white supremacy. 1) establishment, 2) expansion, 3) maintenance and 4) re-establishment. This article does an excellent job of detailing these four phases, first Establishment (slavery) next expansion (Jim crow) then maintenance (ghetto) and reestablishment (prison industrial complex). Slavery formed the foundation for the race dynamic that has influenced our perception, thinking and ideas, attitudes and opinions and all of our social institutions. Jim Crow established the legal framework for exclusion once slavery was outlawed. The ghetto came to prominence when the Jim Crow laws became socially unacceptable. Today Prison has become the institutional dynamic that serves the same function as slavery, Jim Crow and Ghettos did before it. All are different manifestations of white supremacy. All these institutions serve the same purpose as the article clearly states extraction of labor and social ostracization of an outcast group deemed inassimilable.

    In a capitalist system that we have there always has to be a large underclass. The prison industrial complex will create a large group of perpetual underclass. Once i

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