Black People : From Rock, To Country, To Redneck Hillbillies, To

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    Was listening to a video of the CMA nominations (was flipping and stepped away but was stilling hearing), and heard all the names, some more than once until I heard Darrius.

    Now, the name "Darrius" and country music really got my attention, as Darrius is surely not a typical country music name... so upon looking my perceived thought was verified, Darrius Rucker (former lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish) was on.


    I recall him doing some switch to country music, but didn't really care much for his rock group so his country career was of even less interest.

    Still, had to put my ears on what he had done and if it was anything to but mention to...
    and it was:

    I don't like nor dislike country music as it creates an indifferent impression for me, but Darrius seems to fit right it, as I never considered Hootie to be a typical rock group anyway.

    But the song wasn't the point of interest, maybe a bit of the content but no more than any other country song narrative.


    The more glaring observations had to do with the screen play and the characters in it.

    Enter, Duck Dynasty


    But from that, came this...

    When is an "opinion" too much "opinion"?

    Noticing how many of these panelists resemble how forum discussions go about delivering their own opinions with their points of views, but for what gain?

    With that being said,
    The discussion can now begin