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    page 219, "The Africans Who Wrote The Bible" by Dr. Alex Darkwah
    "...In the 1930s, a European priest who went to live among the Akan people in West Africa found close relationship between Akan and Hebrew religious thinking, practices, beliefs, and culture. To this priest, the evidence was so overwhelming that it confirmed the origin of the Hebrew God in the Akan God. In his book entitled
    "Hebrewisms of West Africa", Catholic Father Williams, S.J. revealed through linguistic studies that the supposed Hebrew name Yahweh originated from the Akan word Nyame, God. The name of his book is quite revealing, How could Hebrewisms be found in as far away a place as in West Africa when Hebrews lived in Canaan in ancient times and in Europe in modern times?


    When I did a search of the book and located Ekowa A. Kenyatta's critique -- this excerpt makes perfect sense...

    Hebrewism in West Africa is a must for any serious library – but it should be carefully evaluated based upon the Authors pro-white stance and read along side of the books written by the preeminent African scholars Chiek Anta Diop, Chancellor Williams, Jose Malcioln, Dr. Ben Yohocanan, George G.M. James and certainly Dr. John H. Clarke and many others...."


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