Black Positive People : From Mistreated Customer to Successful Business Owner

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    Atlanta, GA ( - In 2005, Devin Robinson was shopping in a Korean-owned beauty supply store for his new salon when the Korean owner threatened him with a golf club and threw Devin out of the store for no apparent reason. This enraged the author so much that he put his writing career on hold and decided to open his very own beauty supply store. With no industry experience to guide him but only his willpower to lead him, he plummeted into this Korean dominated industry and to everyone's surprise it was an alarming success.

    Eighteen months after the opening of his first store, Devin had opened three stores. All stores began to thrive. Devin had many pitfalls while trying to navigate his way through this industry but somehow always came out on top. He partnered with Aron Ranen, the filmmaker of The Korean Takeover: Black Hair DVD and decided to write, Taking It Back: How to Become a Successful Black Beauty Supply Store Owner, a book that teaches other aspiring, badly treated Blacks how to get into the business and be successful at it.

    This book is more than a scribe. It is a blueprint to Blacks regaining control of an industry that has been stripped from its control. Devin is one of the founding organizers of the Black Beauty Supply Association (BBSA), an organization aimed at raising awareness and sharing the existing resources amongst the Black business community. BBSA is also the organizer of the "100 Stores in 100 Days" Campaign, where Devin is spearheading this movement.

    Devin stated, "This book is the gateway into the $4,000,000,000 industry that we only contribute to as customers but scarcely reap the benefits of as owners." Devin sold all of his stores to start this movement. He is canvassing the country distributing copies of his books and helping communities to "Take It Back" through business ownership. He said, "It would've been unfair for me to garner the rewards of owning my businesses without teaching other Blacks how to do the same. This mission is greater than me!"

    Devin has a 38-city tour scheduled beginning in the early part of February 2008. He will be making appearances with Aron Ranen at selected locations.

    To schedule an interview or appearance with Devin Robinson please contact: Going Against the Grain Publications at 678-489-7270 or log onto for more book info.

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