Black Poetry : From king to deadbeat dad


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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster

Forever used to truly mean forever
And never really meant never ever
But time and change waits for noone
Working their dual magic on everyone

I use to look in your eyes and see zion
And now I am looking toward the horizon
Focused on what the daybreak will bring
Watching the slow demise of a mighty king

The shell of the man can still be seen there
But his royal spirit has escaped to somewhere
What use to stand so regal, strong and bold
Has begun to totally lose his true reality hold

The king who anticipated any sign of need
Now has me wondering how to feed his seed
Walking away like its no longer his responsibility
Like he can no longer bear the weight of ingerity

Can't believe we seeking judgement from a court
Cause you refuse to give your seed your support
Never could imagine we'd be in this present disgrace
Who would believe a king would flee from his place

Heaven knows I miss the king you used to be
Praying for an epiphany so that you can again see
See your seed needs more than the money you pay
Your seed needs your presence to guide their way

It sad me when so many men fall by the waste side due to these
tales and reality truth .......the sad days continue to fall against
brothers , one day we all will reclaim our kingdom from deadbeats

I feel you


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