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    There are many scholars that provide accurate information. Gerald Massey happens to be one of those found to be authentic and honest -- rare, indeed, during his day and time. He neither plagarized anyone elses work for his own profit or gain -- a trait when practiced is very un family like in the [​IMG]world of academia.


    The Natural Genesis; (originally published in 1883); by Gerald Massey; page 4

    "... Egyptology's who talk of the one primordial God as the father of souls, never seem to recognize the fact that the individualized fatherhood was comparatively late as a human institution, and that the father could not be recognized in heaven before he had been discovered on earth. There is no fatherhood in the first pleroma of the gods, who are a family of seven born of the genitrix of gods and men. Those of the seven that can be traced, such as Sut, Kebekh, Kak, Kafi (Shu), and Horos, had no father. Hence, when we do get back to a one God on any local line of Egyptian mythology, it is the mother alone, and not the father, we find to be the first. No matter which cult we question, the gentrix of the gods, precedes the primordial God, whether as Taurt, the Mother of the Revolutions, who presides in the birthplace at the centre; or Neith, who came “from herself”, and who boasted significantly at Sais that her peplum had never been lifted by the male generator; or Mut, Ank, or Hathor. The mother is everywhere first and foremost, as she was in nature where the bringer-forth was observed and typified long before the human mind could enter into the realm of creative cause, or the fatherhood had been established. Hence the female was continued with the male in the image of the one God, and there is no one God that is not a biune being, a twin form of the “double primitive essence”, like Ptah; in fact, a “Male-Mother”, which is the meaning of “Ka-Mutf”, a title of Khem; because the mother-mould of the producer was primordial..."