Black Spirituality Religion : From Church to a burning hell mega-churches, Million dollar pastors...

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    ...From Church to a burning hell
    a challenge to Africa's mega-churches, Miracle inventing camps
    and Million dollar pastors
    By Njoku SaintJerry A.

    Today, a sunny Sunday, a middle aged lady strayed into the church, she needs help, a medical assistance, physical and a spiritual help, the pastor of the church just done with the Sunday sermon and was having a chilled glass of Juice, his orderlies were engrossed trying to impress their loyalty to 'Daddy'...suddenly he spotted this frail shabbily dressed lady with a dirty sack strewn upon her shoulder hanging around... "Aah Kilode O?" Ta ni lady yen n bere?" (Aah! what is it, what's that lady looking for?") One of the orderly hurriedly conducted a mock interview with the stranger and found out the stranger has been wandering in the street only God knows how long searching for help wherever it could be found.

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    “The poor wants some food to eat, the sick need some medication and care, the lonely needs some comfort, the deserted needs a friend, the orphans needs a family, the betrayed needs a brother, the weak needs a shoulder to lean on, the ladies need some caring Jesus to wipe some tears due to bitterness of heart of broken relationship, the destitute needs a home, the young Africans running round the World seeking for refuge needs a father, the confused needs a guide, and lots more.

    Tell me, what man will be plagued by all these vices above and wouldn't struggle to seek a solution even if it is temporary and this is why we sure have more than a million places of 'false hope' in Africa today called worship centers, miracle camps, and religious organization preying on this vices to bait the victims and take even the last dime on them and won't care a pin to help any of their own. I speak the truth; the reason you have more churches in Africa today, Nigerians in the lead is because there is just too much suffering and emotional torture growing beyond human capability, so the peoples, gripped in an initial fear of an eternal place of suffering called 'Hell' is plagued by an additional strange fear of a reality too visible to imagine any cruelty worse off than the present 'excruciating situation' could exist...

    In a bid to continue the running and hiding game from this sheer reality we face in Africa people run to the churches as a place of hope and refuge, not because they believe in any God but because the suffering of this present situation is enough hell already.”