Black Poetry : From a girl named Rain

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    this one i didnt write, but i think itz beautiful and wanted to share...

    Joy quickly runs through my mind whenever i think of you.
    You're what makes me smile and what turns my sky blue.
    Our joy is a new joy that can not be explained.
    It didn’t have a word to describe it and its driving me insane.
    But all I can do is think of being with you and absorbing the very essence
    of your soul.
    our love is what keeps me going and what makes me whole.
    You’re the lips to my face, the spark to my name, the quench to my thirst
    and the drops to my rain.
    Whenever you speak my name in creeps a smile and im truly happy if only for
    a while.
    For the first time in my life I have been given a chance to have a
    relationship and make it last.
    These feelings you give me I have never felt before, I've never been more
    happy then when you walked in the door.
    You stole my heart and swept me off my feet.
    You've evaded my mind to the point where I just cant sleep.
    I need your arms around me to feel safe and protected.
    I want to share our joy with everyone and have the whole world affected.
    See my feelings are like a fairy tale I just cant believe its real and no
    dictionary in this world can explain how I feel.
    So as much as I try to put my feelings into words and make it rhyme. What I
    truly want to say is that I am yours and you are mine.
    So if I could ask God one thing Id ask him for you to take away my pain and
    strife and make the sky blue.
    The way I feel puts this sweet innocent smile on this face, I want to share
    my tears with you and give you a taste.
    So wont you be mine, wont you come protect me, wont you put your strong
    arms around me and set my uneasy heart free, wont you the light in my life
    that keeps me safe in the dark, wont you enjoy the simple things in life
    with me. Like watching the sunset or a picnic in the park.
    Whatever your doing to me please don’t stop because you mean a lot to me and
    put the rain in my drop.
    But wait what’s this? the feelings I have are starting to mist as if they
    never did exist.
    suddenly everything turns grey and from the sky a sweet small tear drips
    down my eye and as if it were just a dream everything starts to fade, my
    emotions are melting and I can find no shade.
    Your arms that were once around my waist, have now moved to your head in
    My heart speeds up and I start saying strange delusions.
    Am i still your special raindrop or has the sun come out to chase me away.
    Will I talk to you tomorrow or say goodbye today.
    Then I remember that same sweet voice that sent chills up and down my back.
    Whenever I hear your voice the butterflies in my stomach attack.
    So I want you to know that I care about you in each and every way.
    I don’t know what the future hold but I remain your raindrop today.

    P.s. Derrick i just wanted to let you know how much i care about you and how
    much i really want u in my life.

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    dis was a stormy beauty ......i like dis myself
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    Precious...Blessed Love