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Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by BallOfConfusion, Nov 3, 2007.

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    How do you define friendship? I know there are different levels, you've got your acquittance's, work friend, but I'm talking about your best friends. Do you think that time and distance can destroy your relationship?
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    The friendship definition is very subjective. So we all can decide who we can call a friend without the association of right or wrong. So I'm not hard pressed with the labeling of any individual who I can consider a friend or who considers me a friend. We could have just met and got along and I'd say for that short period of time we were friends. I don't have a criteria like having to know that person for a number of years or needing to know if that person will take a bullet for me. A lot of my close friends are ppl I do business with. A lot of singers, producers, and emcees who like coming to my studio think highly of me because of the services I provide and just cause of the way I am. And then I have ppl I went to school with whom I don't see that much but when we do see each other every so often we have a blast. I know trust is a factor but I keep that separate from who I see as a friend. We have to trust our bosses at work to pay us every week or 2 but we wouldn't call them friends and everybody has faults and depending on what they are you have to decide what you can trust them with or where you can trust them. In the end it is about you being happy and/or at peace so whoever helps me with that or doesn't disrupt my peace and happiness is cool with me.

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    I define it as being there for someone like you'd want others to be there for you; during grief and happy times, when you need encouragement, and at times you're feeling lonely.

    I don't believe time and distance can destroy true friendship; but I believe it makes the bond of friendship more apparent; that is, to the friends, and to anyone around them.

    I love my best friends!!!