Black Entertainment : FrEze


Jan 22, 2001
Your body temperature dives 0 degreez below celcius//
Your fingers get num and nobody's there to help ya//
But death bra come to slowly but surely//
you gonna live if ya boy come and tag ya//
and grab ya with a warm blanket//
the next time you better thank quick//
cause it anit gonna be no time to blink quick//
im on the move just like the winter//
im cool just like the winter//
and when I enter your body I aim striaght toward the center//
you frozen//
chosen from the getgo of the game//
brother freeze//
throw yo hands up you know my name its Mr.Freeze//
if I was any more cooler than Ill be frozen//
callin me the golden child because my gift was chosen//
to be it//
so you better get the heck up out my territory//
before I touch and you'll nerver live to tell the story//
so brother run cause im comeing to get ya//
and when im done bro you gone FREEZE when I hit ya//


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