Mali : French foreign minister says fighting is escalating in CAR and Mali


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French troops detain a suspected rebel officer, preventing Christian mobs from lynching him near the airport in Bangui earlier this month
As France’s efforts to control growing violence in its former colony lose support at home after the deaths of two soldiers, its government will this week also urge EU countries to back the establishment of a fund to bankroll support for armies in unstable African countries.

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Apr 7, 2013
President Francois Hollande has already called for the ‘permanent European fund’ for African intervention, and Mr Fabius will push for this at the European Council meeting in Brussels this week.
‘Europe does a lot but it only intervenes from time to time,’ Mr Hollande said last week during a state visit to Brazil.

‘We need a permanent European fund, not a fund for each individual operation. This should not be about us providing the armed forces on the ground and demanding that we be paid. We are neither the mercenaries nor the police of Europe.’

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LOL! The French want other European nations to help pay for the mess THEY created! Now granted, ALL of Europe benefitted from French colonization of Mali and the CAR (Central African Republic), but who got rich from the rape of those 2 countries?


Ministers are wary of committing British troops to military action after the embarrassing Commons defeat on taking action over the brutal civil war in Syria.
The killing and maiming of hundreds of British soldiers in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq in recent years – combined with the massive cost of such wars – will make many of wary of joining the French.

This reminds me of the PBS documentary I saw last night on President Clinton. After he sent troops into Somalia (like Bush, Jr. with Obama, Bush, Sr. initiated the action in Somalia) and they were squashed like a bug by the Somalians, when events in Rwanda (another "French" colony :rolleyes:)began to unfold, fearful of another American debacle in Africa, Clinton sat on his hands.

Flipping past Rwanda - the end result was the genocide in Bosnia-Seregovia, i.e., white people.

There are plenty of ethnics in Europe who are "radical" (=one who gets to the root of a problem). As in Bosnia-Seregovia, should Europe fail to "ameliorate" their mess in Africa (they have no intention of getting rid of it altogether), European ethnics we've never heard of, especially the majorities in multi-ethnic countries like Yugoslavia (Bosnians), or African Rwanda (Hutus), will be emboldened by their failure to act and kick off their own genocides.

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