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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth
All the years and all the tears I thought you'd never walk out on me
Now your gone, and what went wrong
But, you don't have no answers for me

I stand all alone, lost soul in the world
I'm thinkin way back to boy meeting girl
Exhaled too soon, you opened my wounds
Now I'm with child and sentenced to doom

Nine months on eternity
With you always hurting me
Holding on so tight
Hoping that you'll learn to be

A man, that man that I never had
But each and every day you look more like my dad
In and out, here and there, when he left I was glad
Your an instant replay of a childhood gone bad

Vicious cycle will contiue, as long as I am with you
Should have listened to my momma when she said forget you
If I wanna save my son I gotta find a way to ditch you
But every time I leave you, my heart tells me that I miss you

What to do? What to do? Do I love you or leave?
Can't stay, gotta go, cause you make my heart bleed!

But you dropped me at the clinic, wanted me to dead our kid
But GOD was on my side, telling me to let him live
Who the f*** are you to deny him his life
You ain't gotta be his daddy, I ain't gotta be your wife

But, you loved me strong when you where down
Now your not around
Came up out the storm but you left me there to drown
Forced me into the slavery of manning a home
And now your all pissed off that I can do it on my own
Single moms, working hard, yo that wasn't GOD'S plan
I am WOMAN, hear me roar but you force me to be a man.

Little man growing up, and he's looking like you
His birthday coming up and of course the rent is due
He asked me where you were, and I wish that I knew
So I could tell you I'm a better person and I owe that all to you
From all the b****** and the lies, denyin ya seed
And what makes it worst then that is that you made me beleive
That we would always be together, always and forever
So why don't you tell me how always turns to never
You say your a different person and my answer is whatever
Father of my love child we can never be together

Cause all the years and all the tears I need a man to ease my fears
And what I know for sure is that man ain't you
Little man, I love him strong
But yo me -n- u are through!

sorry ya'll ... read the rules... am i posting too much... i'm done for now.. just felt like sharing 2day.. please be patient with me....
All single mom's have a song to sing, and yours sang out loudly and proudly. When someone does us wrong, the wrong deed doesn't instantly erase that love. makes it even more dificult to make the right decision. Potent piece.

Miss Lady, in the "Get Your Flow On" poetry forum you're allowed to have a total of 5 pieces on the front page, so you're fine. We've all had those times when our pens just wouldn't run out of ink. :)

this is gon get laid down on a track...

are u guys feelin this one????

most single mommas say it give em chills...

but when I put something down FINALLY....

it's all gon be gear'd toward the sistahs....

we fight so much that we need to unite big time...

how many of ya'll know a bunch of chick that fight over the same raggedy dude????

you thoughts...... are all welcomed........

and remember I like blunt honesty.....
actually i see you said you read the rules

but it's not like your posting and NOT spreading ANY love like others on this page

5 is the limited, but sometimes it's hard to track because sometimes the page might move slow

but we thank you for the respect REAL TALK

it's actually a pleasure to see your fire


it's not easy i bow in your presence

and ML you have to let it out somehow somewhere

and i'm glad you did it here

with your CYBERPHAM

peace from BK


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