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Dec 20, 2004
The rotten Apple
A+ technician
you see I keep forgettin
once in a while my mind slips
when people attack me unjustly
it's only right my mind trips
my mind so focused
I can read the words from a mime's lips
put the pressure on me
and soon find out that the minds quick
turn a friend too foe
that's a confused minds trick
further proof
that the minds just sick
I drop poetic bombs
but mine don't just tick
they get removed
b4 they even disproved
that's kind of rude
my expression
being thought of as some type of negative lesson
or some type of aggression
this is my poetic profession
nothin you can lessin'
nothin you can question
have ye forgotten
that it's the God you testin'?
I meditated and came to the conclusion that
what a brother did in the past
don't count in the future
so I decided to slow up for the present cause I'm kinda fast
but so many seem
to be wearin' some kinda mask
so if you don't wanna know
then don't ask
cause I got more than enough Math
to meet every bit of your wrath
Moses never parted the Red Sea
Never even had his hands on the staff
so when Pharoah tried to check him
no wonder Musa snickered and laughed
see, I am a much better student
than I am a teacher
but the God's gave me a way
so that I would be able to reach ya
not sure how much longer
I will be able to do this wit ya'll
just know that Info's love is so deep
he risk his own too let you know there's a Judas wit ya'll
but they won't be present
at Info's last supper
because unbeknowest too most
my chamber is in the Upper
you know the rest
I don't never poke out my chest
& could never be the type of host
to throw out my guests
no need too say much more
cause HIS-story already told you this
you don't need a poem to prove this
but just in case
check out Ceasar plus Brutis
some say pressure bust pipes
but my pipes ain't never been broken
Most get mad at me
cause my flow is thought provokin'
Unlike the Levi's that were blown up
too force them suckers open
everyday the flag should be at half mass
for our people still livin, but their minds are still soakin
government laughin
while our people still gropin
George Bush, Cheney, or poppa Bush
whose the first you wanna start chokin
or is it Benedict
this fake cracker pretendin' that he's Pop'in
his name ain't no accident
just like the last pope didn't die on that day by no accident
Martin & Malcolm were not killed by no accident
Huey P wasn't killed by no accident
Emmitt Till wasn't killed by no accident
the black female was not raped and killed throuought history by no accident
the black male is not in jail by no accident
G.W. did not become president by no accident
G.W. sr did not become president/King by no accident
pardon me ya'll
but sometimes I have to vent
people judgin you thinkin' you givin your all
when really, not even half was spent................

© Info-Moetry 2006

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