Chief Elder Osiris : Freeing The Mind Is The Beginning Of Life

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    Freeing The Mind Is The Beginning Of Life

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    It is the saying among many that the beginning of life begin at conception and thus begin the debate over the action of the Nature of the Divine Essence (GOD) and only a fool will challenge that which is the cause for you being that you are of Soul, Mind, Body, the three principles of the life you convey.

    We all who are an instrument of the Divine Essence, have a responsibility to the Soul, which is to use the Mind and Body in such a way it will reflect to be an attribute of that which has caused you To Be, and that which has caused you to be is Eternal Infinite Divinely Intelligent Energy, consisting of what we refer to as Perfection, representing the Divine Utopia of and over all things physical and nonphysical, which serve as a verification that only perfection beget perfection and all that is caused by the Divine Essence is Perfect in the Nature of being, and all that be is because of the Soul (Energy) of all things.

    A lost Mind is not a free Mind because a Free Mind is the action of Divine Wisdom and where there is Divine Wisdom there is the perfection that bring Joy and peace to the body life of the Being that be, and the world live together in Harmony, Order, and Balance, interacting with each other.

    But it is the lost Mind that is not free and such a mind is not wise, so an unwise mind will tell you that it is impossible to live a life of perfection, because all have violated the code of the Soul, which is having a free mind, so the lack thereof will cause you to fall short of having the ability to Think with Divine perfection, and such a belief about that which perfection has caused to be, serve as a verification of the quality of Mind being used to believe that perfection belong only to the Divine Essence, as you have been conditioned to believe and not to know thyself, then without such knowledge of self, you have become in the Body, the Life you now live, a life without a Free Mind.

    So, without a free Mind, it is no wonder that such a low level of mental action can not see its own ability of perfection, so what do such a low Mind do, it strive not for perfection but to glorify the low level of a Mind that practice Evil against each other Body Life and proceed to justify such evil action by claiming it to be impossible to live Divinely because Divine mean perfection of the action you portray in life.

    So, when someone come along proclaiming that there is a need for a Divine Spiritual Retreat for the purpose to begin the Mental journey of reclaiming your Divine Mind, what do you do, well you ignore such a call to save your life, because you have been so well conditioned to believe so low about your selves, so much so, to the point that you believe it is impossible to live a life that is perfect in this physical universe and on this body planet Earth, which is a member of the physical universe that function Divinely every day, guided by the same Divine Essence Energy Intelligence that is your Soul, so your Mind, Body, Life, such is not without a Soul and such a Soul is of the Divine Essence, the Utopian Perfection, existing in the Dark Divine Reality of Eternal Infinity, having no beginning or ending, beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Living a Life that is not Free, mean that you are living a Life that is being influenced by Evil forces of Beings, they who have decided to use their Mind to counter act the Soul of your Being, which is Divinely Perfect, and when you ignore the Soul of your Being, then you have no knowledge of who you are and with such a high level of ignorance it prevent you from knowing what the Divine Essence Is, and when you have lost such a Mind that is qualified to have you with such Divine information about the Divine Essence and about the Soul and thyself, then you are living a life that is with a low level Mind action that is not Free, beloved.

    Beloved, you can not experience a Life of Peace and Joy without the action of a Free Mind that is Divine, all that you do and all that you believe you know, is based upon a Fantasy, coated with lies and deception, so it is no wonder you can not understand the need of your Mind to engage in a Divine Spiritual Retreat, because it is your low level of mind, that is experiencing a illness that will not allow you to see your life needs and a Mind that function on Want and not Need, is a Mind that is not Free and is ill, beloved.

    Can You Understand That,Beloved?

    So no, I am not against you, I am against the evil of the Mind that you now carry, and it is killing the world, because when your Mind is not functioning Divinely, the world goes in a direction that Lucifer point to it to go, and it is Lucifer Mind that has caused the Evil in the world, because Lucifer is in control of your Mind that have you not knowing who you are, and there is no greater evil than to take control of somebody Mind for the benefit of other than the self of the Mind being taken from you, because Lucifer is with a challenge against the Divine Essence to be your GOD, beloved.

    So, I am informing you that I have been asked to preside over a Divine Spiritual Retreat by those who see the need and have the desire to reclaim their Divine Mind and this Divine Spiritual Retreat will take place in SEDONA Arizona, in June 2010, and if you desire to be a part of this great Divine Spiritual Gathering, then please contact IsisWisdom at:

    [email protected]

    Isis will give to you all of the information you need in order for you to be a part of this momentous occasion of the first of a Divine Spiritual Retreat in order to bring Divinity back to the life of a dying people, both physical and Spiritual, this will be something that you will be able to pass on to generations to come, beloved.

    In order to prepare your Mind, you should have already read the Book: Divine Spirituality, Revealed Information About The Real You, the book can be purchase at Barnes And Noble, Amazon Book Store on the Internet, and at the link below.

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    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]