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No, I'm not a black person. I could see how you might think that me being white might make me feel more sympathy for that man, but I assure you that my opinion would stay the same, irrespective of that man's race. I think that this woman made a prudent decision. It doesn't really matter what a person's political ideology is or what beliefs they may hold; we still have to tolerate people that we don't agree with. Obviously it's hard to know the entire story. Maybe this man provoked somebody, or he could have started a fight himself. But if he was simply taking part in a peaceful demonstration with the rest of his KKK friends, then I have a hard time seeing how he could deserve a beating.

Tell me, do whites have a textbook of responses, because this one just seems to be the only one I hear. All that is missing is quoting Rodney King ("Can't we all just get along?").
by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

It’s the kind of story that brings tears to Middle America’s eyes: selfless Black person puts life on line for undeserving white. In a white man’s world, saving a redneck from a beating qualifies a Black person for sainthood, while acting in defense of Black people makes one a dangerous militant.

There would have been nothing wrong with McKeel getting a bloodied nose that day in 1996.”

On June 22, 1996, a small group of Ku Klux Klan members gathered for a rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan, only to be outnumbered by a much larger group of black and white protesters. A white man in the crowd, Albert McKeel, Jr., was not wearing a KKK hood but had an SS tattoo on his arm and a shirt decorated with a Confederate flag. He was on the verge of being assaulted by the larger group when he was saved by Keshia Thomas, an 18-year old black woman.

This story was forgotten but recently came to public attention again thanks to a BBC online series about teaching kindness. The little known event gained new life and so did a standard meme which is treacherous for black people.

In a recent issue of Black Agenda Report this columnist wrote about the inexplicable determination of some black people to forgive any harm done to them by whites. Jonathan Farrell was shot to death by a white police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina yet his mother and fiancée forgave his killer. When I discovered their comments I was perplexed, but I should not have been. The reaction to the Keshia Thomas story explains it all quite well.

Michigan newspapers called her “courageous and kind.” The Huffington Post said the tale will “restore faith in humanity.” Media outlets not only in the United States and the U.K., but as far away as Australia, felt compelled to bring the story from obscurity into the bright light of day and to breathlessly extol the virtues of saving a man who didn’t deserve saving.

No one in the media attempted to give voice to any justification for the angry crowd.”

This level of adulation isn’t ordinarily directed at black people. Usually our actions are called into question, our successes are ignored and our missteps are punished disproportionately. What does a black person have to do to be praised? Apparently, saving a redneck from a beating is the only out.
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The economy (re: the lack of financial resources) more oft than not, goes hand in hand with "overt" racism & bigotry in this country! Easy prey for demonic forces, who sit in waiting to attack, twist & contort the conscious of the weak! When you have an unemployment rate in America of 7.3% (Aug 2013) with a simultaneous African American unemployment rate of 12.2% (as per the Pew Research Center); traditionally this country does what it has ALWAYS done … by reverting BACK to “overt”signs of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)!

Traditionally, unemployed African Americans in THIS country have polled twice as high as Caucasians in this land … AND … this has been systemic!

Our hearts & our minds know this! Yet what surprises me is that we have pervasively / apparently ACCEPTED this?

Our People (BLACK Peoples) possess a spiritual Herculean – Phenomenal saving Grace … and it’s AMAZING!!! It has been TRIED & TESTED in our ancestors & in us!

Our super-human ability to connect with that which is HUMANE!!!

Because this attribute tends to be soooo pervasive …. as in practically ALL of us (Black folk’s) possess it … We have been trained (re: this Willie Lynch mentality) to perversely underscore this GIFT of HUMANENESS !!!

NO! I am neither … shocked, amazed nor angered at the courageous feet of this young woman ... for she could & would be any of the most of us. Why??? Because, to the chagrin of some & through no fault of our own … THIS is how “we” have been madeTHIS – is who we are!

Now!!! were we to view this story in reverse ... THAT!!! would have been shocking to say the least!


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