Black People : Freedom Rider: Chris Kyle and Media Propaganda

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    by Margaret Kimberley
    America, the historical mass murder machine, remains unrepentant, as verified by the phenomenal
    box office success of American Sniper. The real life Iraq War psychopath, who died by another
    veteran’s bullet in 2013, was accorded hero status by reporters, “none of them asked hard questions
    about what he and our political leaders did to Iraqis.”

    “So you’re not really viewing them as a person. They’re out there, they’re bad people, and you just
    take them out and you don’t think twice about it.” – Chris Kyle

    “Anyone who takes history lessons from Hollywood learns only that white makes right.”

    Mass killer Chris Kyle should have been forgotten when he was killed by another Iraq war veteran in
    2013. Kyle became rich and famous after he spoke and wrote publicly about the record 160 kills he
    committed in America’s war of terror in Iraq. He was the subject of the book, American Sniper: the
    Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History, and enjoyed celebrity status until
    his death.

    Kyle is now the subject of the film American Sniper. It has received Oscar nominations and is doing
    record breaking business at the box office. This movie is the latest instance of Hollywood’s love for
    American cultural propaganda. The entertainment industry happily exists as the promoter of white
    supremacy and Manifest Destiny. Movies taught generations of Americans that the Indians had no
    right to live on their own land and that black people are by definition dangerous unless subservient.
    Anyone who takes history lessons from Hollywood learns only that white makes right. Thus a killer is
    turned into a hero.

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