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    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
    Charter schools are the inventions of rightwing corporations and foundations, and serve as profit
    centers for the filthy rich. Given that these are the people who run American society, it is no
    surprise that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio “got his head handed to him” when he clashed with
    charter school interests. “The mayor’s little nod to protecting public education was no match for big

    The hedge fund honchos and the Walton Family Foundation want to get rid of the teaching profession.”

    Every injustice in American life can be laid at the feet of the richest people in the country and the
    politicians who do their bidding. Nowhere is that terrible dynamic more obvious than in the
    destruction of public education by the charter school system.

    The fix is officially in for charter schools in the state of New York. The legislature finished its session
    by giving these privately funded “public” schools more protection than they have almost anywhere
    else in the nation. Charter schools are allegedly public schools but that label is nothing more than
    public relations gimmickry. In March a New York state Supreme Court judge ruled that the
    comptroller had no standing to audit charter schools because they are educational corporations
    and not “units of the state.” The charter school executives who usually insist that they are running
    public schools were strangely silent and for once didn’t disagree when someone said their schools are not public after all.

    Charter schools are a scam inflicted on black and Latino children and are meant to turn education
    into just another profit center. These schools take public money without being accountable to the
    public and they are funded by organizations like the Walton Family Foundation of WalMart fame
    and hedge fund chieftains. There is no data which proves that they provide superior
    education. They don’t have to accept children with special needs and often expel children who are struggling
    academically because they may bring down the all important test scores they use to justify their
    access to public dollars.

    There is no data which proves that they provide superior education.”

    Bill de Blasio, New York City’s newly elected mayor, promised to slow down the process of co-
    locating schools, shoving charter schools into real public schools and depriving children of physical
    space and resources. At Public School 149 in East Harlem, special education students will literally
    not have a place in that school. A Success Academy charter school already in residence is expanding
    and the disabled children at P.S. 149 will have to be moved elsewhere.

    Teachers at charter schools are akin to fast food workers. They are the least
    experienced and have a high rate of turnover, all of which happens by design. The hedge fund honchos and the Walton
    Family Foundation want to get rid of the teaching profession and make educators as insecure in
    their work lives as everyone else in the country.

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