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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Well beloved it is sad that we as Black AfroDescendants in the Diaspora
    U.S.A. has to make choices about our freedom, Justice and Hue - Man Rights
    and so far, it seem as if america win hands down over freedom, when it come
    to the choices of the oppressed AfroDescendants in america.

    It is a well known fact that the AfroDescendant in america rather not deal
    rationally with the Truth when it is about our condition in america,
    regardless of our miss - educated status, taken to be well quality
    education, to the point we have become drunken and blind to the Truth
    concerning our status in america.

    The sad part about it is, we get all up in arm, ( ready to fight ) when some
    among us have been able to cross that lying line of deception and self
    neglect but those of us who choose not to cross the line, choose to just get
    along in a society that has been proven to be Racist to the core against the
    AfroDescendants in america and the Black African Nation in general, such
    prevent us from being able to shake hand with Truth.

    We have yet to be able to disagree with honor and humility. We are not
    willing to reason out our differences, just irrational emotion debate them,
    striving to see who can insult the other the best, with the best being the
    worst, such a game, reflect the height and level of our ignorance and not

    Well beloved here is my point.

    It is a fact, as we stand or sit in america, whatever position make us
    comfortable in our oppressive state, the AfroDescendant in america is not
    free, yes we carry no authority nor do we have control over what happen in
    and to our life, such is our reality in america.

    We AfroDescendants have been so conditioned to accept what is made available
    to us by our oppressors and be satisfied with it.

    We have learned to cherish civil rights over Hue - Man Rights, Advancement
    over completion and privileges over Acceptability, injustice over Justice,
    thus oppression over Freedom, this is our america to the AfroDescendants,
    children of parents treated as Chattel in an institution created by america
    call Slavery, yet we choose to love it rather than leave it and with no sign
    of Freedom, Justice and Independence for the children of our Enslaved
    African Ancestors.

    What a pity and a shame regarding the mentality of the AfroDescendant in
    america !!!

    There are cries that go out about us needing to concentrate on up-lifting
    our communities and we need to concentrate on building a sound economic base
    in our community, as our children become more miss -educated, drugged out,
    profiled for arrest, imprisoned, and shot at will, such is not a community
    thing nor a economic thing but is an environment thing, with no power to
    change it in america.

    What we refuse to look at is, this type of treatment did not just start
    yesterday, this has been an on going thing against the AfroDescendant for
    approximate Five Hundred Years in america.

    will we ever get tired of being treated as a child in america?.

    The community thing sound good but the reality is, the environment we find
    ourselves in here in america, will not allow such efforts to rise to the
    level we dream about for ourselves.

    Now there is nothing wrong with the dream, the setting is just wrong and
    will not accommodate such dream desire, plus such quality of life is not to
    be dreamed about but should always be.

    There is no democracy in america and america is not a republic, it is a
    business, a corporation owned by Racist stock holders, something the
    dreamers among us do not and will not accept, be us well miss - educated in
    the guise of educated or steeped in our ignorance, gleefully, as Truth
    remain immutable.

    We AfroDescendants wrestle over making choices between two evils in america
    politics, the democratic and republican party, trying to decide who hold the
    better bag of crumbs for us AfroDescendants, yet we become halted betwixed
    two opinion when it come to where we should stand or even stand at all on
    the issue of Reparation, as if that make us look or sound intelligent.

    What a sad people we have become, as we joyfully accept our role in america
    captivity, pretending to be happy and satisfied, such a mentality assure our
    stay in mental bondage, all because we choose america over Freedom for the
    AfroDescendant in america and as we go,so go the Carbon Nation, yet we
    desire to go no where by remaining in america.

    When we question the merit of Reparation, in our effort to sound reasonable
    and intelligent, we insult and disrespect our Enslaved African Ancestors and
    it also show that we do not fully understand the dynamics of Reparation and
    the sacredness of it.

    If we selfishly approach the issue of Reparation in our pursuit and fight
    for it, we take away its aurora and power, making it out to be just another
    civil right request which will assure our defeat.

    A sound mind and a strong body does not request Justice, Freedom and
    Independence, such is demanded, because such qualities come with the gift of
    Life and if we do not enjoy such, it mean it has been taken away from us and
    if need be must be taken back, such is the thinking of a well learned

    The Forces of the Universe has brought such a Time around again, which fit
    the favor of the AfroDescendant and now present the freedom of choice to us,
    concerning our condition in america.

    With Reparation on the Horizon, we now have the choice to choose Freedom or
    america, only a fool will error in choosing that which is best for the
    Carbon Nation.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Nation
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    *bump* ... four years later
    good question: Freedom/Self Determination or play the political game some more?

    "charlie brown", "lucy" is gonna "yank that football" out from under you again!! what the polls saying? (thank oldsoul for keeping that info in your face, eh?)