Chief Elder Osiris : Freedom Must Precede Governmental Social Economic System

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    Freedom Must Precede Governmental Social Economic System

    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    To all Black Folks calling themselves Afrikans, I must say to you, there are none among us Black People that desire to see Afrika back into the trust of the Black Afrikans and to see as well, the Union of a Black world, in that place referred to as Afrika, not until the Black World is reunited again, will we be free, absent of the mental conditioning by the Human Beings, they that have established a history of being of no respect for black People, and they have in fact been active in oppressing, repressing and persecuting Black People, now referred to as Afrikan People, unto this day.

    What I See as being the major problem with Black People is that we do not have the patient nor the will and determination to address the basic prime problem that now have the Black World confused and full of pretension, a combination of Viruses that now infect the Black World, so much so, to the extent that we Black People rather deal with the way we want the problem that bind black People into becoming liars and deceivers, rather than to Seek with the Need of the Black World and Afrika to be free.

    I venture to say, it is such a Flaw that will keep Black People to strike out at the symptom of the Black World problem, instead of the root cause of our problem, which is Three fold, and such a fold being a lack of knowledge about our Black Selves,Religion,and the disease of Want, and it is our Wants that blind and weaken the Black World from being qualified to deal with what is Needed for Black People to do in order to reverse the Black condition, position, and status in this Evil World, which is now being controlled by a People calling themselves Human Beings and now have gotten Black people to sign on to such an identity, and we can not See no harm in doing so, yet we suffer each day the consequence from such a misidentification.

    Many Good and Well intention Black Women and Men have come this way in Life, and all of them that were able to rise to the rank of Black Leaders, they all attempted to lay out a plan of Action that was to raise up the Life and Spirit of the Black World and the Need for Black People to be raised up, mean that we had been knocked down, and held down by the action of a people calling themselves Human beings, claiming to be of a Race that is superior than all Races, with the Black Race being the focus of their attention when making such a claim.
    Now, here we Black folks are, no longer a Carbon copy of our Black Divine Selves, now conditioned to believe we must convince the Human Beings to allow us some Life breathing room, that is all we Want and that has been the goal of most our contemporary so call Leaders, whenever they had the opportunity given to them by the Human Beings to address them to the Matter of what Black folks want and never not what black folks Need, and such a flaw serve to be the vice that Squeeze the Black Divine Mind into portraying Its Action of that of the Human Being Mind and now here we are today, full of pretension about us Black Folks being concerned about the present condition of the Black World.

    To me, Revolution denote Freedom unabridged and unconditional,so when we Black people talk about Revolution and it is not about Afrika and the Black World Freedom in to'to, then I know the effort is not the Serious one that give Afrika and Black People respect, because such action of claim, is just a imitation of the Real Action that represent such a revolutionary Action, in behalf of Afrika and Black People calling ourselves Afrikans.

    Divine Real Revolutionaries do not segregate and/or fraternize among each other for form and show, there is only One Sister and Brotherhood, having the same Goal and Objective in sight, and the sight that we should be concerning the Black World with is Freedom for the Black World and Afrika, without Compromise, because the Black World and Afrika has not done anything to deserve the range and level of disrespect we now receive from those that now are in control of the Black World, and the World in general, and it take a Divine Strong Black mind to acknowledge our position and condition in the world today, and to change our condition, it will take more than what we want for our Black Life and Afrika, so right now, it does not seem as if the Black World have the strength of Mind that will raise such a mentality to the level of the Bar that express and stress the Black World and Afrika Need, over want.

    The present state of condition of Afrika and Black People in the world today, such is not in a position to be discussing what Social Economic structure there is to be or should not be, that will govern Black People in Afrika, such a concern come only when a People are Free and right now, Afrika is being raped and is in a state of occupation by any and everybody that want to be there and the Black World is a prisoner in our own house, because as I speak, the so call Afrikan States are divided and now operate at the dictate of the Luciferian World, they that call themselves Human Beings, as they use their weapon of Mass Black Destruction, which is Religion, to tame the Black Mind, so as Black Folks now operate in the Mind of the Human Being, such is what prevent us from Thinking Divinely.

    Yet it is that Divine Mind, if ever the Black World is to become Divine Black Revolutionaries, they which must become the Guiding force to allow us to Know what is required of the Black World, if ever we are to become Divinely Free again, in the Land of our First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, knowing the Divine Truth of what we Black People Need, which is the Divine Knowledge about God, Our Black Selves, and the Spirit to become Free Again, In Our Mother and Father Land, Afrika.

    Advancement, betterment, progress are principles that indicate and imply a level that have not yet reached the distance of Freedom and Independence, and it be those principles that will always be the goal that express in-completion and those are the principles which we Black Folks have been conditioned to be satisfied with, which is an open ended process, something we so call jmitational Revolutionaries have set to be the goal of the Black World, a Goal that signify confinement and not Freedom, but as for me, I choose Freedom in Afrika and the only way such a Freedom is to be celebrated, is by Revolutionary Action.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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