Chief Elder Osiris : Freedom Is More Than A Dream

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    Freedom Is More Than A Dream

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    We Black people love to talk about who is preventing us from living our lives as it was so prescribed to be lived, by the Divine Intelligence that designed us to be who we Black people are, physically.

    Black people are useless conscious dreamers, wanting only what we are told to be a life we want, by the white authority, we allow the life we live, be created by those white authorities.

    Our Black life is a life of pure misery in the midst of our conscious dreaming, and to live a life without it being created by your own mind, have Black people to be only conscious dreamers of a life of material wealth and social accepted equality in the presence of white authority and all other authority with a history of oppressing the Black life, they being the true enemy to Black people.

    Because Black people are only conscious dreamers and those dreams consist of only what the white authority has given to your mind to want, Black people are made not to be able to envision our Freedom, just to consciously dream about our freedom.

    So in a conscious dream, there is only the ability to look at what you have been told to want for your life, and by you wanting for your life, Black people are prevented from having a vision of what our Black life need, and when you are unable to visualize what you must be able to see, then Freedom for the Black life will always escape such a Black life.

    Because you must be able to visualize what you must be able to see, such knowledge that come from such a mental action, will teach you that Freedom Is More Than A Conscious Dream.

    Today, Black people are only conscious dreamers, well indoctrinated into believing what is told and what is written by the white authority, the authority that enforce the spirit of racism against Black people and is the sower of the seed of unjustified prejudice against Black people, yet Black people allow the white authority to be the master teacher in our lives.

    So there is no reason to wonder why it is, even when we momentarily do heroic feats of accomplishment that would be in favor of the Black life, such protest fighting prove to not have been enough to obtain Freedom for the Black life, because as you can see, we Black people who was ferried across the Atlantic Ocean in chains, we Black people are still in chains.

    Black people are still in chains because we have yet to learn how to visualize our freedom, instead of consciously dream about a change in the way that the Black life now surrender to suffer by the hands of the white authority of our oppressors.

    To consciously dream, allows your mind not to be able to take you no further than what you want for your life, it verify that you are consciously aware of what you want in life, because your wants are only based upon what you have been taught and told to look at that which represent your Black life freedom.

    So beloved, in your wanting conscious dream state, you are not ever to know how to envision your Black life freedom, and to be mentally qualified to visualize Freedom for your Black life, will motivate you to do what ever is necessary to free your Black Life, and for the Black life, freedom reside only in the land of your Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, and that land is Afrika.

    So, you must come to learn to see, through the vision of your Mind eye, and not consciously dreaming about a place of liberation in America, and not in all of the land where we reside in the enslaved regions of the America Diaspora, there freedom will continue to escape your Black life, because the freedom that your Black Life is innately accustom to, is in the Land Of Afrika, and such a Earthly Truth is beyond Compromise.

    So tell me, have you ever wondered why it is that all of our effort we have put out to liberate the Black life in the Diaspora America, fell short in making the Black Life Divinely Free and Naturally at peace with joy, the comfort that the Black life is accustom to, in Afrika, when Afrika was Divinely for the Black Afrikans?

    Why do you look today and observe Haiti in the condition it is in today or any of the Caribbean islands that the Enslaved Black Afrikans were carried to, by the hands of white authority, no where in north America is The Black Afrikans, they who are there because of their Enslaved Ancestors, are not now free, why?

    Many of our mothers and fathers have fought to be free in the Diaspora America and none were able to taste the forever sweetness of total liberation freedom, and it is all because Black people are made to consciously dream about our freedom, instead of being unconsciously in a vision seeing Black people freedom, and from such a vision, it will inform you what the Black Life Must Do To Free itself, and to where that freedom is to be realized and enjoyed.

    Black people, you can not dream your way to freedom, you must envision your way to freedom, because in dreaming you are only looking at what the white authority has taught you freedom is to be to your Black life, but you must be qualified to see the Black life way to freedom, and with such a vision, you will know that you must fight to obtain your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Reparation is the Ark Of The Black Life Salvation and not to know that, is a sign that you are only a conscious dreamer about your Black life, and not a visionary of your Black life being Free.

    So, what the Black conscious dreamer does, well we beg and plea, demonstrate and protest for a change in the way that the Black life is treated in America, but we are consciously aware not to allow our wants to go beyond the boundaries of America.

    So the consciously dreamer only want change to take place for the Black life in America, but the Black unconscious visionary know that freedom for the Black life reside outside of Diaspora America, back in the Land of our Enslaved Ancestors, which is the earthly original domicile of our Divine Ancient Cosmic First Way Ancestors.

    It is the conscious dreamer that lie and deceive the Black life self, but it is the unconscious visionary that is qualified to see what is Divinely True and Real to the Black Life Self, and in the confine of our naive reality, Afrika is the Black Life place of Refuge, our place of promise, safety, and freedom for the Black life that is qualified to envision our freedom, and is not a victim of wanting and consciously dreaming about a change for the Black life to always be living in America.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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