Black Poetry : Freedom Cries Death By Rotten Roots

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    Freedom Cries Death By Rotten Roots
    Freedom Cries Death By 10959696_10152710953347362_3384404589653006676_n.jpg 10959696_10152710953347362_3384404589653006676_n.jpg Roots

    I The Words Of Thy Ancestors, I the words of thy ancestors, summoned by the spirits of thy ancestors. Of those who have entered the rights of passage; I shall continue to carry the torch. Those who have come and gone. The lights that will never burn out. The voices cry from the womb, there are no greater weapons, than mercy and hope; there is only one peace, and love to thy almighty. Primordial wisdom and truce. Through the tabernacle of strength, shall render the capacity, of knowledge, wisdom and Understanding.

    Truth to self, the memories, legacy, self sacrifice, to thy almighty God. Let thy wisdom sing as a wave of a rock. Shall ring the bells of deliverance. Resistance assimilations of the universe. Genocide by its own right hands. The mission upon the land of the lost. Death by rotten roots. Life is death within the spoken tongue, all things Band together an all shall connect.
    I am not dead the voices cry beyond the womb. See the spirits of creations, through birth, visualizations of creations, through a microscope the dead is not dead, Death is life and life is death. The truth is in the fires of man. Breath of thy ancestor’s tree. I the resurrection of life. The seed you sow is the seed you know Actions speak louder than words. It is not what you say But what you due. Is what I see in you. You cannot dig it up your roots are what I see your reactions to what I see Death is death upon the rotten roots. There is no longer a spirit. Assimilation is a word, or action. The mission upon the land of the lost. Path of assimilation, Voices cry from beyond. I am not dead/ Death of a Soul within its roots.

    Author Jacqueline Amos noumi [email protected]