Chief Elder Osiris : Freedom Ain't Free And Revolution Cost!!!

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    Freedom Ain't Free And Revolution Cost!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Toleration for the sake to ignore that which need your attention is done by those Black folks who know not the value of that which is Divinely True, and such an act by Black people, make us to be the only people who has an insatiable appetite to be lied too, and deceived, taking such an action to be a representative of the Norm for Black people.

    Black people, every since the misconception about the so call emancipation of the Black Afrikan in America, children of our Enslaved Ancestors, done by Lincoln , the Black Afrikan has been a willing participant of our own physical and mental abuse, which is caused by Black people unwillingness to Think in order to know the level of our ignorance concerning Afrika and our Divine First Way Afrikan Ancestors, thus causing us not to know the value of Freedom and the right Black people have to the sovereignty of the Black Life, meaning that the Black life is deserving of Justice and independence for our lives, at our own dictate and not anybody else other than our Black Afrikan Selves.

    Black people have been the focus of lies and deception, of abuse, every since we were learned about by Lucifer the Deceiver, he being all of those ethnic groups that have a record of invading Afrika and traumatizing the mind of Black folks.

    So, any talk about what Black folks need to do in order to be respected by ourselves for ourselves, which will demand that the world stop and desist from acting as if the Black life is something to be used to advance the life of others, and not for Black people, then you need to be willing to fund the revolution that will bring about your freedom.

    You Black people came to this planet as Free Divine Spiritual Being, meaning you came with a attitude and behavior that was not that of domination, lying, and deceiving, conquerors by nature.

    You Black people came as Freedom Thinking Divine Being, and because you have been made to forget who we Black people are, we act as if it is of the Natural Norm for Black people to be treated and to act as a Fool in life, and it is the fool in life, that has no thought when being taken advantage of and controlled.

    There is no thought coming from the Black Afrikan to become Free from such spirits that have confused and taken over the Mind of Black people, those spirits coming from Lucifer, he who represent the false light of lies and deception, and now having Black people to accept such action coming from Lucifer as being religious and true.

    Today, Afrika continue to be under attack, and has always been, every since the Devil came into the awareness of our Divine life living in that part of the planet, en-mass, call Afrika.

    The Life of the Black Woman and Man has been made to lose its value in the world, all because the Black Divinity was taken advantage of, and every since that day, Black people life has been losing its value in the world, all because our Black lives have been made to appear to never having had any Divine meaning to our Black selves and such a spiritual display toward and about ourselves, done by Black people unto ourselves, serve to be evident that the Black Divine Mind is no longer active in the lives of Black folks today.

    So yes, today, Black so call Afrikan people are not free, we have been made to believe it is wrong and Racist to see and learn from our Past lives activity and to never forget it, we no longer feel comfortable in thinking about the Divine and the Evil the Black life has been exposed to, the Divine we have been made to forget, and to believe we never were associated with a life being lived in Harmony, Order, And Balance, the shield of Divinity.

    Black Afrikan people been made to believe that we always have depended upon Lucifer for guidance, and belief to be our act for soul salvation, not so beloved, you were the symbol of Freedom, and wisdom of Cosmic Theology, now take a look and try and see the Black life self today, that is not you beloved.

    So yes, Hell yes, Freedom Ain't Free and Revolution cost money and now is the Time for the Black Afrikan to become trusting of those deserving your trust and be willing to finance the Freedom for Afrika, and the reunification of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Let us stop sensationalizing and dividing ourselves with profane belief about what and how we want (want, a selfish defeating spirit display) Afrika and the Black life to be, using such an approach only hasten the demise of Afrika and the lives as as they should be, of the Black Afrikan people.

    Beloved, we need to become functional under the power of Need and not Want, you will see that our lives will gain more of a Divine momentum if we would choose such a spirit to be of our lives.

    All who cry to be Black and proud is not Black and proud, it is not the cry, it is the action that give value to the cry, and such an action should be coming from Black people, showing to be willing to fund our Revolution, thus our Freedom.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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