Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

I am to be the Fly on the wall of your Mind that wont allow you to pretend without you having heard the Divine Truth and after that, your life decision will be of your own doing and nobody else, the Divine Truth has come to convict you who have been laying under cover, using the veil of Bliss to justify our Ignorance about that which we should be doing in presence of the Divine Reality of our Ancient First Way Divine Black Ancestors, those very, very, wise people of yester years gone Past, yet is always destine to return again, whether we Black so call Afrikans like it or not and when it come to the Divine Truth, it does not go up in value only if we so call Afrikan Human Being accept what is Divine Information or not and it is not my doing that is raising the Bar Of Divine Truth, so High until we get angry when such a Humble but Mighty Divine Truth come into our Midst, yet we, because of our Wanting Blindness, we now have lost all knowledge of the value of having a Divine Mind, because with such a Mind, it will put the Human Being Mind to Flight, away from devouring the ability of the so call Afrikan Black Being from being able to distinguish between the Mind and the Heart of all Beings of an Anthropomorphous Nature, as we have been so decreed to be, by the Human Being.

Today, when it come to Life and all of the Events that come to surround our Life, we gather knowledge about those events as those events have been analyzed by the Human Being, making it to be, that everything we been misguided to believe that which we claim to believe, such Flawed information is nothing but the Natural Born Truth, which It be, because that Natural Born Truth is most certainly not the Natural Divine Truth, a Truth that has no birth date, meaning that before the so call Afrikan Human Being, there has come to be Two Truths, one by our Divine Ancient Cosmic Black First Way Ancestors and the other being the Natural Born Truth, that which come from the Human Being, one is the Divine Black Being and the other is the Shadeless Human Being, one that has a continous Revelation to Time and the other that has a limited birth creation, having no Divine Knowledge of Time.

So what the Brand New so call Afrikan do ? Well we settle back to adjust to our oppression, using such a discomfort to represent an assurance that there will be a better Life coming to us in the By And By and the sad part about it is that a once Black Divine Being has been condition to be influenced to Choose oppression and persecution over having a Sovereign, Free and Independent Life, in an Environment that we once and now up and coming Divine Being will create and control.

yet it is the so call Afrikan Human Being who rebel against such Divine Reality, as it translate to become that Gad Fly on the Wall of the so call Afrikan Being Mind, aggravating you with the Divine Truth, as you pretend that the Divine Truth is still Dead, but not so beloved, the Divine Truth has Risen and the so call Afrikan Negro Human Being detest such a Divine Truth Presence in the Midst of the so call Afrikan Foolishness, as we pretend to be whom we are not, all of the way to the point that we now despise the Divine Truth, the only weapon qualified to acknowledge the Sacredness of Reparation, THE ARK OF THE BLACK NATION SALVATION, MEANING THE BLACK WORLD FREEDOM.

So what is it that the so call Afrikan Does, well we sit around confusing the delicacy of the Divine Mind with the profaneness of what the Human Being has conditioned us so call Afrikans to address what is used, it being the Heart, when expressing either our approval or our regret, by indicating the Heart to be the Center of our Life act of revealed expression of happiness or sorrow, yet it is the Heart that does not deal in Emotions, only the MIND DOES, because beloved, We Are What We Think And to Think does not require the Heart involvement in that process, just the Mind of Thought and it is the quality of your Thoughts that determine the quality of life to be lived and not the imaginary Heart which the Human Being has duped us into believing that it be the Heart that guide us and that is why the Black World is in our present state of condition in the World today.

The Black World has been made to be preoccupied with granting all that we be in our method of expressing, either Gratitude or Sorrow, to a make believe HEART, as we contribute all that we so call Feel to a made up Heart, yet when it come to Life Expression, it all has to do with the MIND beloved, because we all are just what we Think and not what we so call Feel, because all such Emotional Expression come not From nor go to the Heart but From and To the MIND and that is why it is so important in term of the quality of Mind we are Functioning under, it must be the Divine Mind, the Mind we did inherit from our Divine First Way Ancestors..

All Sadness, All Happiness and Joy, All Anger and All Calmness, All Emotional expression is first generated by the Mind and not the Heart, because the only Heart that is associated with the body is the Body organ Pump that is sending the fluid of life through the body.

The Heart is a Body Organ and the Mind is the Body Guidance Councilor, never getting emotional about anything in life or that which is pertaining to Life, because the Mind is only a Thoughtful process, or have been made to be a Wanting Believing process, having us to label its result as we so want to label our action to be, when expressing ourselves about the results that come from the events that is a intricate part of Life living and it is the utilization of the Mind and not the Heart that is qualified to change the direction our Life which it now Travel and now experience the Events of Happening that affect our Life Living to the extent we now call on a False God for Blessing and Mercy and we call on a fake Heart to declare our Emotional standing in Life toward each other.

The Mind reveal the Attitude and Behavior of each and every one of us on this Planet, walking up-right and with a capacity to do high tech Reasoning, which now Black Folks seldom do, meaning we do not now have the ability to Rationalize and Logical deduce what cause and why our circumstances are as they are today, that is effective in affecting our Life decision, which Most of the Time is influenced by those people in power and authority over the world, they whose Mind we now wear today, as so call Afrikan Human Beings , always crying out expressing how Heart felt we are in and about our Depressive and oppressive Afrikan Human Being Life, the sign of a Mind gone Mad, depending on a fake god for help and a fake heart to express our emotions, we praising only the Heart in our Life involvement, when in fact, we are what we THINK AND HIGHLY EMOTIONAL WANTING, WHICH COME FROM THE HUMAN BEING FALSE HEART, WHICH IS A MIND THAT CAN BE STORE BOUGHT FROM THE HUMAN BEING, THE PRINCE OF EVIL.

You wonder why Afrika and the Black World is in the condition it is in today ? then go and look in the Mirror and behold Afrika and the black World Major problem today, ae we send out cantation to a false God for a Blessing and for Mercy, as you claim to Love such a God with all of your fake Heart, with the quality of Mind Black Folks display today, Afrika and the Black Worls is assured our Death, both physical and Spiritually..

Here Is Lovingly Thinking About The Black World



Chief Elder



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Nov 2, 2005
Life is waiting....
Full Time Student and Independant Buisness Owner
Thank you Brother Chief Elder Osiris
I believe that even as it may be a more difficult task to "Free" Our Minds. I believe It is necessary for us to do so.... And not be clouded by what our non-celestial selves think we want. It is not what we Ultimately need and not In Will for us..

But again that is why it seems so difficult.....
Because in our Ignorance we believe what we have is all there is, and do not try to seek truth...not even our own.....

Seeing a Plan for our selves is only the simplest way for us to maintain the steady or even escalating ground, but without that w will sink into no one elses but our own Bottomless pit. Only to have then realized the possibilities and the extensive consequence for our desire Blindness...Our will for damage

I hope I can continue and fulfill my desire of future enlightenment as you have Brother...spiritually and earthly in my mind.


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