Black People : Free Web Lecture: Runoko Rashidi on Global Afrikan Presence: June 20th 7:00PM

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    Abibitumi Kasa
    Abibitumi Kasa Lecture Series Part 4

    A free web lecture from Dr. Runoko Rashidi
    on the Global Afrikan Presence entitled: The Sun Never Sets on the Children of Mama Afrika!

    Who: Dr. Runoko Rashidi and You!
    What: Free Web Lecture Online
    When: Friday, June 20th at 7:00 PM
    Where: http : // www . abibitu mikasa .com/forums /chat /flashchat. php (remove the spaces)
    http: // www. abibitumikasa . com / forums
    Why: So that you can experience the fullness of the Global Afrikan World
    How: Login (for Abibitumi Kasa account holders) or Register for a Free Account at Abibitumi Kasa Liberation Forum. Then Click on Member Classroom and you're in!