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    Hotep brothers and sisters,

    Please take the time to read this free Nubian Book:
    It gets more interesting as you go through the 11 parts.

    I know that some people take free stuff for granted but hopefully you won't...



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    A forum member notified me of a video showing a racist rabbi comparing black people to apes

    What does he has to say about the Jewish involvement in the slave trade ?
    Jewish professor (Ph.d) and rabbi Marc Lee Raphael (pictured above) wrote:
    "...Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In
    fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch,
    Jewish merchants frequently dominated."

    What does he have to say about this slaveship list ?
    What does he have to say about the Talmud
    which states that it is lawful for a girl three years old to have sexual intercourse
    (Abodah Zarah, 37a; Kethuboth, 11b,39a; Sanhedrin, 55b,69a,b; Yebamoth, 12a,57b,58a,60b) ? (other talmudic quotes here)

    Oh let me guess, he will probably say that it is antisemitic to quote
    historical facts...