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    “ WE CHEAT “ and translate into its Latin. America’s and England’s Theme to victory!

    Difference between ( appeasement and surrender )


    William Wilburforce ( abolitionist ) ) fights to abolish slavery in England.

    A brief biography of William Wilberforce. William Wilberforce (1759-1833)

    Movie: Amazing Grace
    Made in: 2006
    Actors: ( loan Gruffudd, Romola Garai, Benedict Cumberbatch )

    The song Amazing Grace. Was written not by slaves or for slaves. It was written by an English man. Who saw his error in life. It was slavery. So he wrote this song. To explain how he felt for the parts he played in slavery’s formation and continuation.

    He was the Retch, in the song. That was saved. By withdrawing from it and supporting it’s abolition.

    GET THIS MOVIE… I think it is informative. Sheds light towards understanding. Has Great scenes showing quarters of slave’s ships and racks. The docks of England during that period and stuff. Cool.. I enjoyed watching this movie. Check at Amazon. I will be getting me a copy for re_watch factor..

    • Period of reflection _ NOW and FOREVER!

    • Gradually… We can’t wait no longer. See the window. See the door open.. look again. It’s called Opportunity. New Idea’s, Start a Business. Open a pool hall. Buy the old building and do the right thing. Make that monies. Man.

    Reformation of society.. took place.
    Are things moving, spinning in this spin of world events.


    FREE GOVERMENT MONEY. Well someone felt scammed because the link was a scam to pay for info.

    Well hit the lottery and call me home. is a FREE GOVERNMENT WEB SITE THAT HAS MILLIONS of $$$" UNITED STATES of AMERICA's "$$$
    The post below is a email that I came across today. see the ad that says

    Complaints Board – Complaints and Reviews

    Complaints, reviews and helpful information regarding allegedly unethical companies and bad business practices. Blacklist of bad companies and goods.

    I was researching email scams, consumer law suits section and stuff. I read and responded to a post there. - 이 도메인은 판매 가능합니다!


    The scam you experienced is not connected to the Obama administration. I have no proof per se, but Scams are on the rise and it is just one of many out there.

    I am an Obama supporter. That isn't one way or another.

    I read your post and wanted to share what I do know.

    Here is a web site. A Federal web site that distributes the free government Grants you hear about.

    These grants are for Non-Profit, Community based Groups or Organizations, Schools and any One.

    Including you or me who may be interested in becoming a non-profit organization. A 501c non-profit.

    The funds are here. The contacts persons are here, the file by date deadlines are clear.

    If you can write our own proposal. That is the way to go.

    If you can file all the legal documents to become a 501c then that is the way to go.

    Seliger only offers the gateway.

    They never contact you directly, by postal mail or phone. They do send you every week to your yahoo or where ever New Grants to your email address provided.

    They require a short form with email. Look on the left side selection Free Grant Information.

    Click on it and fill out the form. You don't have to list a business name or title. Fill out as much as possible. If you use them later. For proposal writing or special grant sourcing services. This is the Information they have and will contact you about.
    So use a business name, call yourself President. You are one when you start a non-profit organization.

    Flooding with possibilities CASH …$$$...Opportunity. Some free services if you choose. Including helping and you and filing your documents to become a non-profit. Are offered. For a fee of course. Yours to choose or not. They have a great free resource center, library of terms and information that can be very helpful.

    Good Luck everyone.

    Don't be scammed, by others looking to scam.

    The ones who snoop low enough to exploit any one and any thing as tools. Including the marketing of Obama.

    ( Kind of old school. because when the south was admitted back into the Union.
    Part of the new things the North over looked for another 100 years ( 1865 to 1965 ) is exploitation of Negroes.
    Aunt Jemima on a pancake box.
    Then a big black face over the doors and opening of Sambo restaurants. )

    Ask some blacks from the south.. These things were done. Designed to hurt, make someone mad. It Hurt I’m sure. I’m Positive. It did. They ( AFRICAN AMERICANS_ IN THE ! UNITED STATES of AMERICA ! endured. They had to put it away and squash the anger. My hat is off to all African American Men and Women. You are strong. The Tennessee blood running thru me understands.

    If you know something is wrong or bad. And say nothing. Or do nothing. You are a bad person.
    If you are someone in power or government, have money and influence in and over society and know something is wrong or bad. And say nothing. Or do nothing. You are a very bad person. BOTH ARE EVIL!

    America has and may for ever more use the Negroes .. One slavery to the next conjuring up new ones. As time goes on.

    The Obama administration isn't behind this. Don't buy that.