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Precise Allah

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Jun 16, 2009
Atlanta Georgia
somebody on my son's job went to a wedding. he came back with the virus and wiped out the entire office. he was vaccinated.
my son was vaccinated but he was not boosted. he was sick for 2 weeks and is still very low energy.
looks like the vaccination will not keep you from getting the virus but it will keep you from dieing.

i had thought the vaccination and the booster would keep you from getting sick. i was wrong. it just keeps you alive.

The official word from the CDC is that the vaccine and booster, in most cases, will keep you out of the ICU. Underlying medical conditions will drop those odds a bit. People are not recognizing how deadly this virus is. Cats be thinking they can skip the vaccine and they'll be fine with alkaline water, garlic and blueberries. Covid-19, especially the Delta Variant is nothing to be played with.


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