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    Introducing the "Nubonyx Browser™", an exciting new way to browse and navigate the Internet.

    Just click through to NubonyxBrowser is simple to download and install. It's easy and it's free!

    The new NubonyxBrowser is different than other browsers, web directories or portals, More than just a browser, NubonyxBrowser is a total Internet environment. It truly puts the power of the Internet at your fingertips.

    Imagine having the entire Internet organized so that everywhere you want to go is just a few clicks away... If it's on the Internet, NubonyxBrowser makes it easier to find, access and use.

    What do you need today? Seeking business information? The latest Software downloads? Want to see and hear radio, TV, newspapers and magazines from around the world? Shop for a new bestseller? Buy shares in the latest Internet IPOs? Just chat? You name it, NubonyxBrowser makes it easier.

    Don't forget to check the MyWeb™ feature. MyWeb will allow you to customize your own web directories, giving you instant access to your personal Internet in a way traditional bookmarks can't. MyWeb will be your private domain of favorite sites accessible through any computer from any part of the world.

    So, please download "NubonyxBrowser " at

    And then, please send us your comments at [email protected]. As a user, you can help shape the NubonyxBrowser experience for the next generation of Nubonyx-browsers!


    Your friends at
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    i have seen your browser, but i have a few questions.

    1. does your browser contain any type of adware or spyware?
    2. is it based on IE or Netscape running silently in the background?
    3. do you use your own search engine or some mainstream one. in the first case - what technology runs your engine? in the second, which mainstream engine do you use?
    4. do you have user-customizable skins? do you offer your own skins?
    5. in controlled testing, how does your browser's speed compare to mozilla, opera, IE, netscape and k-meleon? have you ever done such testing?
    6. do you have tabbed browsing?
    7. does it come with a built-in media player?
    8. can you instant messenger be permenantly disabled by the user? what technology runs the messenger? you have a parent control option thats easy for newbies?

    in addition, you need to visit and review some of the reviews posted by people that have downloaded, used and reviewed your browser. you have a few quirks to iron out if you want to satisfy some of your more technological users.