Brother AACOOLDRE : Frank Marshall Davis Poems to Obama's Mother

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    1. The Poem to Anne

    2. Picture of Ann in a Chair that goes with the Poem

    3. Excerpts of Chapter 7 of Sex Rebel: Black is all about Anne

    In Frank Marshall Davis poem titled Ann he describes her sitting in a chair. Journalist and Film director Joel Gilbert (, dug up some photo that look like Obama’s mother Ann Dunham. Its close but no cigar. They look like they could be sisters but they do not look alike. The book from the pictures taken was copyrighted in 1958 and Ann’s family didn’t move to Hawaii until 1959. Nevertheless, I believe Frank’s poem and chapter 7 of Sex rebel: Black is talking about the first Black President’s mother.


    By Frank Marshall Davis in Black Moods p.212

    In the gangling hours

    Thin, adolescent hours

    Before night runs softly

    Away into the west

    Anne rises wearily

    From her tired bed

    And sleeps

    Sitting in a chair. (Frank has pictures of her in a chair but I’m not 100% sure it Anne)

    [​IMG]Anne is nude in chair?


    “Spring: warmer weather, children playing on the sidewalk in front of our building. An unusual-looking child stared solemnly at me each day as I approached the entrance, then turned away when she caught my eye. I knew she was a niece of Dad’s former landlady,that was all. Some day she’d be brightly beautiful; she had it now in miniature. Then after a while she no longer played in front of the door. Each evening when I came home I found her in our flat talking to Doris. There was still that solemn, intense look but she did not turn away as swiftly. I did not know what to make of it. After the fourth straight day of her afternoon visit, my wife called me into the bedroom as soon as I arrived. The girl sat alone in our parlor.

    As you know-or ,maybe you don’t-that’s Anne, Doris said. She comes up everyday now to talk and ask questions. I thought she was simply a curious and precocious child-until today. Then out of a clear blue sky she asked-I bet you’d never guess.

    Must have had something to do with sex from the expression on your face, I said.

    Worse’n that. She asked me-now get this-if I would let her **** you and in just those words. I was so dumbfounded I couldn’t say anything for a while, and you know how much it takes to clam me up. Then Anne went on, next to God, I love your husband best. Please let me.

    She stopped. I was mentally floored.

    How old is she? I managed to ask.


    Thirteen? I echoed.

    Yeah. Looks older, doesn’t she?

    I’d have guessed fifteen or maybe sixteen.

    Maybe its because she’s from Jamaica. They mature young down there.

    Well, she is cute as hell.

    Credit her mixture for that. She’s Chinese, English Jew and West Indian Negro.

    ****, what a combination! But thirteen! What in hell does she know about sex?

    “Plenty believe me! She’s the same age as Julie when she ha that mad affair with Romeo. Besides Anne’s no virgin. Lost her cherry last fall when she was twelve. Anne told me her aunt had a roomer she liked. One morning before he got up Anne took off all her clothes and sneaked in bed right beside him to kiss him awake”.

    “What’d he do?”

    “what in hell d’you think he did? Start a checker game?”

    Frankly, it had been a stupid question.

    This joker got right on top of this fine, hot young thing and was giving her a real trim when she come walks in her aunt. The aunt yells “Rape” and mighta scalped the poor guy if Anne hadn’t piped up and said it was all her fault and explained what happened”…

    You know Anne is not like an ordinary girl her age…

    “Any other sex experience since last fall?” I asked. “Not with a man. She and some of her girl friends from school get together and play with eachother and masturbate with Polish sausage…”

    Ah, those foreigners! Why can’t our gals stick to Americans…”

    When completely nude, she came over, sat on my lap, threw her arms around me and kissed me open-mouthed, her little tongue snaking between my teeth. She smelled young and fresh, like newly picked bouquet of lilacs. Reaching down, she grabbed my sex through my trousers…

    Reluctantly she consented and I began. When I initiate a gal in cunnilingus, I give her the grand tour, the deluxe treatment. I do not care for virgins but I enjoy being first orally, in unlocking the door to a devastating delight surpassing all else in her erotic experience. Of course Anne lacked development of labia and clitoris and her genitalia was like a freshly opened rose…

    Bob (Bob is another name for Frank) is an expert, Doris said

    Did you like it? I asked

    Vigorously she nodded her head, grinning sheepishly. “Will you do it again later tonight?” When I agreed, she said, “Now I’m ready for you to **** me”.

    Iam not a condom cat. Nevertheless I had bought a package, for I did not want to take a chance on making this sweet child pregnant…

    When we finished, she (Anne) said wistfully, “Gee, that looked good. I bet it felt good too. Bob, please use the candle on me now”…

    I never again tried to enter her. Instead I used her assortment of candles, cucumbers, weiners, and small Polish sausages. In return she learned the finer points of cunnilingus, fellatio, 69 and basic sex facts she was unlikely to get elsewhere. Anne maintained her overwhelming crush on me…”

    The nymphet Anne tops it all off with an ending episode of scrawling in huge letters of white chalk at the front door of Bob and Doris apartment with the words:

    Doris Loves Pussssy

    Frank Marshall Davis children with wife Helen Canfield Davis:

    1. Lynn M. Smith (her school picture looks just like Obama)

    2. Mark K. Davis (resembles Obama too)

    3. Beth Charlton

    4. Jeanne M. Hyde

    5. Jill M. Prive

    6. Last but not least Barack H. Obama II from Ann Dunham b. 1961

    Did Frank name Jeanne after the teenager, Ann, he lusted after in Sex Rebel: Black ???


    Above Obama and his sister Lynn Davis-Smith

    Auma is Obama’s so-called half sister in Kenya looks nothing like Obama. Malik a so-called half brother in Kenya told Joel Gilbert he wants a DNA test. Malik was no where to be seen when Obama took his trip to Kenya. Sorry Donald Trump was on a fool’s errand to get Obama to release his birth certificate. The focused should have been on Ann lying about the real father.

    When president Obama went to Kenya last month in July of 2015 it appeared that he upset the president of Kenya with talk about treating gays. To paraphrase the Kenya president then went on to say ‘Frankly, speaking this (gays) aren’t an issue here in Kenya

    [​IMG]Frank & Obama look just alike.