Black People : Frank EN Food... Frankenstein practices

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    Genetically engineered foods containing genes derived from bacteria and
    viruses are now starting to appear in the shops, and foods with insect,
    fish, and animal genes will soon follow. These genetic changes are
    radically different from those resulting from traditional methods of
    breeding. Yet, the sale of these foods is being permitted without proper
    assessment of the risks and without adequately informing the public, even
    though many scientists say that genetically modified foods could cause
    serious damage to health and the environment.


    They don't care and do not know the effects. The effects are not reversible, now and only time will tell the horrors. :skillet:


    All of the storys are here.

    The nightmare has begun. I was helping my daughter with her Science test review last night. The chapter was on Genetic Engineering. I made light of this very fact, but my point to her. This can and may lead to dangerous practices and effects. Man is playing GOD!


    Suffer the children By Nell Boyce, Washington DC

    Tampering with genes in human sperm and eggs is outlawed, since any unforeseen side effects would be passed on to future generations. But US health officials are worried that human reproductive cells may have accidentally been contaminated during gene therapy trials.
    Therapeutic genes are usually shuttled into the body inside "vectors" such as viruses or loops of bacterial DNA called plasmids. But researchers have no way of restricting these vectors to tissues that need gene therapy. So patients have always been warned that germ line contamination is a potential danger and been advised to use barrier methods of contraception.


    She is 12 and she told me her teacher said this will allow man to select traits he wants in new borns. Blue eyes, what ever.

    This morning I heard the story being discussed on the radio. The guest made comments and said: There are no problems with this kind of alteration of foods.

    Of course his drug and tech stocks are tied into this research and the success in its implementation. I’m sure his profit is soaring. He is clearly making the case for his own benefit. Making money has taken precedent over safety for sure.

    :eek:oops: Mankind has slipped playing russian roulette with this gun. :injured: