African American History Culture : France-US-Britain-Pueto Rico -- Slaveowners Paid Reparations, Slave Ignored

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    Countries that paid reparations to it slave owner
    (with a few exceptions

    Exception: France made Haiti pay 150 million francs
    (the modern equivalent of US$21 billion).

    AmeriKKKa: On April 16, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill
    ending slavery in the District of Columbia. Passage of this
    law came 8 1/2 months before Lincoln issued his
    Emancipation Proclamation.

    The act provided up to $300 (approximately $7,000 today)
    in compensation to former slave owners

    Exception: The British government paid out £20 million to
    compensate some 3,000 families for the loss of their “property”
    when slave-ownership was abolished in Britain’s colonies in 1833.

    France: Slave owners were compensated with a total of 126
    million francs, approximately US$16 billion today.

    Puerto Rico: The owners were compensated with 35 million
    pesetas (approximately US$200,000 ) per enslaved Black
    person from Spain.