Black Poetry : Foundation of the Living Dead

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    Foundation of the Living Dead
    Author Jacqueline Amos

    There shall be no victory for those who sleep.
    A man without wisdom will only repeat the same mistakes.
    As the loving spirit is tossed aside.
    The resurrection of the soul that sits back submissive
    To his own pain. A man without conscious has no soul.
    The resurrection must now begin.

    The dead soul that seeks for power and have no mind.
    The man without wisdom and knowledge of self.
    A man without conscious leads towards only self.
    The man who walks with sheep-skin to his own cause.
    The dictionary of the devil Webster it is called.
    Educated fool without history of his own cause.

    The man who confesses love,
    As a thief in the night without direction of shame.
    Forsaken those who look for the good in his heart.
    A man who is doomed to hell.

    He sits in darkness waiting for revue

    From those who have no directions.
    Don’t wait to long the time is near.

    The middle man suppliers toxins that erase a nation.
    The legacy of a man that was ordained by God.
    Genocide the role he plays, don’t cry for me.
    Loyal to satins demands.
    The cancers of the un-willing souls.
    There is no excuse as the cancer eat the minds
    The prophets of here and now.
    The alp her and omega don’t stop
    And you shall be the death of your own right hand.
    Satin has no loyalist to self, are conscious of a direct mind.

    The dead is not dead and it shall live.
    Humble that thou wisdom shall flourish,
    humble that thou knowledge be rewarded,
    Humble that thou shall recognized the boogie man,
    That lurks for its soul,
    Listen an thou shall learn of thou blessings,
    Seek an thy shall find the solutions to life problems,
    Humble thy self, a wise man shall hide thy foolishness,

    Speak an thou shall be recognized as a fool,
    without knowledge are wisdom.
    Humble an thou shall learn from thy mistake,
    Peace that thou left hand, shall not no what the right intends,
    without great respect of thou face.

    Copywriter 2002
    All rights reserved
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    awesome read yo flava
    let the ink continue