Black Authors : Forward to Africa

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    Greetings Good People!

    I recently returned from a trip to West Africa...and I am as good as a different person.

    Why? Well, I guess its just that my eyes have now seen and confirmed what my heart and mind has believed for so long...that we the people - bearing so many names like African-American, West Indian and Caribbean etc...etc are all the One People!

    I visited Togo, Ghana, and Ivory Coast and everywhere I went I was seeing copies of people I know right here in Brooklyn (USA); right here in Brixton (UK); right here in Kingston (JA)... I think you get the picture...Uncles, aunties, nephews, nieces, grandma...and so on....It was incredible....

    I was walking on air. I was elated. I was high.

    In spite of some of the terrible conditions our people have to deal with - I felt at one, with the pain , the suffering , and the joy - and everywhere I went people made me feel welcomed by inviting me into their homes and freely sharing with me the little they had to share.

    One day, I sat looking at the sea with tears rolling down my face. I thought about the space, the time and the distance, the love, the hate and the greed...

    It made me ask the question...Who is really giving? He who has more than enough - so he gives a little OR she that has less than enough but gives of that small amount?

    Think about it my sisters! Think about it my brothers!

    And don't sit tight waiting for that opportunity to visit the Motherland to come might never come! Jump up - put your thoughts together and make it happen. You'll be so glad you did.