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Jan 22, 2001
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Destee Discussion Forum Rules

Rule # 1. RESPECT IS NUMBER ONE IN OUR HOUSE - Respect for yourself, each Member of this Family, their opinions, and the peace we've been blessed with. No personal attacks will be tolerated. If in our opinion, you are being disrespectful, it will be dealt with accordingly, up to and including being banned.

Rule # 2. Do not add property to this site that belongs to someone other than yourself, without including their written permission. This includes, but is not limited to, poetry, news, articles, short stories, music, etc. If you don't have permission from the owner, please use the alternative method below:

BEFORE adding someone else's property to this site, request their permission.

INCLUDE that written permission in your post.

Examples below:

Slave Profits and The Roots of The Wealth Gap
Open Letter To President Bush
How Hip Hop Destroyed Black Power
Biblical Timeline
Differences Between The Three Major Religions
It is not always easy to contact the owner, and receive their permission in a timely fashion. Therefore, we have provided an alternative to the above. You can include a few sentences of the property, and add a link to where it can be read in its entirety.

Examples below:

How Affirmative Action Helped George W. Bush
Whites Swim In Racial Preference
The Michigan Case and Affirmative Action
The above is more of a hassle than just copying and pasting, but gives due respect to that which belongs to others, and anything less is not acceptable. If you are found adding property that belongs to others without the above considerations, your Membership is in jeopardy. For more information on this rule, read the following thread: Copyright Infringement - Stealing - Is Not Allowed Here!

Rule # 3. Do not use the property (copyrighted information) of those who share here, without their permission. Please respect what belongs to your Sister and/or Brother, and use it ONLY AFTER RECEIVING THEIR PERMISSION! If you're found using (stealing) the property of other Family Members without permission, your Membership here is in jeopardy.

Rule # 4. Do not add discussion threads, polls or advertisements in the Poetry Forums. They are for poetry only.

Rule # 5. Do not spam us (posting the same thing more than once), with your links and advertisements. We provide a forum where everyone can post a thread advertising their site. You are also welcome to Become a Premium Member, which allows you to leave a link to your site, in every post you make. Signatures are reserved for Premium Members only. A small way of thanking those who financially help keep our community alive.

In addition to the above we ask that you use basic common sense. We don't intend on censoring messages based on opinions expressed within each post, but we will enforce the rules outlined both here and on the Forum.

We reserve the right to modify these rules, cancel Memberships, delete, modify, close, or move posts/threads at our discretion and without explanation.


Not open for further replies.

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