Black Poetry : Fortunehunter's Eyes!

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    You see with a fortune hunters eyes!
    You see something unique and you label it odd.
    You see something wonderous, but you won't
    call it God. You feel something deep but you don't
    call it love. You see with fortune hunters eyes
    Nothing is worth having if it is not a prize!

    You see someone who disagree's and you see
    someone disagreeable.
    You should be careful who you judge, God will
    judge you double. You never help a friend or a
    stranger that is in trouble. Unless it has some
    benefit to you.....You know it's true!
    You see with fortune hunters eyes!
    Always looking for your own prize!

    You see through a house made of glass, but
    you never think to cover your own ***.
    To busy throwin stones at ya neighbor, never
    knowing under what he does labor.
    No doubt we all have things to work out....
    Somethings we need to shout about!
    But , you need to realize!
    You see with fortune hunters eyes!
    Don't you know that God's goodness
    is your guaranteed prize.