Black People Politics : Former Radio One Talk Show Host Warren Ballentin Convicted of Mortgage Fraud

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    I can't believe this has happened. I followed this young brother from his first days on "The Power", when it was XM Radio. I remember several months after my IT job forced me out on LWOP for standing up for what was right, I wrote to WOL in DC, where "The Power" originated, and complained that we didn't have enough black lawyers available to tell black people their rights. Later that year, Warren Ballentines show popped up like a blessing from the sky, followed by Al Sharptons' show a year later. I had already hired an attorney before Warren came on board, but I wrote him anyway and explained my situation, and I asked him for a back up lawyer in case I needed one. He was new, I and I got a quick response, and he gave me a referral. It turned out I didn't need the back up lawyer, but I never forgot his quick response. I often wrote Warren on things he said that I didn't totally agree with, and some that I did agree with. But by then he had gotten so popular that he probably didn't have time to read my emails, along with all those other emails from everybody else. Warren knew some pretty big people including Obama, since he was from Chicago. Obama even appeared on his program a few times. I just can't see how this was aloud to go this far leading to a conviction...smh. This should serve as another wake up call for black people everywhere.

    Former radio host Warren Ballentine found guilty of mortgage fraud – Financial Juneteenth

    A grand jury delivered some devastating news to former Radio One host Warren Ballentine this week.  The Chicago attorney was convicted Friday on all six counts of mortgage fraud after being accused of taking $10 million dollars out of the hands...