Black People : Former Marine sergeant files lawsuit, says she was unlawfully strip searched in LaSalle Co. jail


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Former Marine sergeant files lawsuit, says she was unlawfully strip-searched in LaSalle Co. jail
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A 28-year-old former Marine sergeant has filed a lawsuit claiming deputies forcibly strip-searched her without cause or justification.
In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, Zandrea Askew said that on Jan. 20, 2017, three female deputies at a LaSalle County jail forcibly removed her clothing and left her for 12 hours in a padded cell after she was arrested.
Askew was passing through Marseilles on the way to Nevada at the time — that's when deputies got involved. Believing she was disoriented, and possibly on drugs, they arrested her even though she passed a field sobriety test.
She was taken into custody. Once in the jail, deputies said she was uncooperative and refused to answer questions, so they put her in a cell and had three female detectives strip her of her clothing.

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