Black People : Forgive them for they know not what they do...or do some know?

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    Beloved Sweet Once Divine Afrika::SuN030:, the place where the people CORE was as Black as the Divine Black Perfect night.

    Oh Beloved Once Divine Afrika, you know I long for the day like a deer panting for water, to kneel down on my knees and kiss the Ground you are On.

    Oh how I long to be awaken from the Rays from the Sunrise in Afrika, lifting my eyelids to a Newness (day), and put to sleep during the SUN-Set in Afrika.

    O how I long to sleep beneath the Stars over Afrika.

    Oh Beloved Afrika, in you I was Born free, and in you I long to Be.

    Naked in you I once was. Naked I return to you (no residual of europeans).

    Afrika, as a voice that cries out from the wilderness, to the Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, Ethereal Universe, and Nature, in my adoration for you, I humbly prostrate myself Before you, and ask you to please Forgive All the Afrikans who have no memorization or remembrance of you.

    Forgive those Afrikans who are possessed with the european mind-set, as they continue Domestic violence in the Afrikan house, by raping other Black/Afrikans, neglecting and abandoning each other...and the likes of All evil against you Afrika. Change them back to from being Only Human beings, back to Divine Beings/deities.

    Forgive All Afrikans who truly do not know what they are doing by Opening their minds like a tornado uproots a tree and a tooth being pulled without Novocain with Truth and reality. Root and ground their mind-set again Beloved Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, Ethereal Universe, and Nature. Plant them by many waters so they can Re-Know and Re-Grow, Re-Show again.

    For the ones who do know what they are doing, repair their Crack conscious.

    Forgive those who have and still buying into the europeans ways.

    Forgive those who have a made up mind that they will never return to you.

    Forgive those who are still in Afrika who are leaving, and not restoring you Afrika while they are there.

    Forgive those who have forgotten that there was Spirituality before religion.

    Forgive those who call themselves Jamaicans, Barbadians, Haitians, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses...and the likes of. Make the tribes One again. A house Divided will continue to fall/ be destroyed.

    Forgive those who have forgotten we Afrikans came here As One, and we must return as One.

    Forgive All Afrikans who do not know that loving you Afrika is stronger than their EGO/Pride.

    Free us Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, from the mental Institution (america). Give our enemies a dosage of their own evil medicine.

    Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, I know you. I Am you, and I know the Forgiveness you have stored up for ALL Afrikans who will, will themselves to drink from the well of your unconditional Forgiveness well.

    Beloved Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, Ethereal Universe and Nature, invade the unenlightened Afrikaans sleep like a thief in the night, and reveal to them that the True Master Plantation is the conscious, subconscious, Divine Reveler we call God, our three part self/trinity, majestic mental servants, that is more powerful than the force of Nature, waiting to serve us so we can get up out of this mental institution mind-set.

    Beloved Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, Ethereal Universe and Nature, I petition you to continue to Inner-power the already Inner-lighten/conscious Black/Afrikans, with your Energy, Power and Spirit (all one), the force that is more powerful than Nature.

    Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, Ethereal Universe and Nature, get us out of this new Fire. Please do not let us stay in this new fire another 400 years plus. Give the people a Bullet-Proof soul, make them unconquerable, untouchable, with Truth and Reality, the blanket condemnation that will destroy lies and deception about a once Divine people, so we Divine Black Shining Meteor Stars can shake, rattle, and roll back to the place where we were born (Divine-Blissfulness), :SuN030: the way we were before we were scattered, the way we were when we gave each other a Divine smile.

    Some of us Is, Is'ing our way back to you Beloved once Divine Afrika (right mind-set), and can be again, on the wings of Truth and Reality, we are rising consciously/subconsciously.

    By Any means necessary Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, Ethereal Universe and Nature, U-Turn our mind-set back to you. Cease us from talking ourselves to death, and make us ActionVist, Super Black Stars.

    Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, Ethereal Universe and nature continue to Innerpower me/us to Be the Change the world/Black/Afrikaans needs to see. The Only ritual that Is Divine.

    A House is not a home (mind) if there is no one living there.

    Truth and reality
    Take us back
    where we belong
    Take us back to our
    Divine right mind
    Bring your Sweet Truth and reality to us
    Bring it on home
    in our conscious

    Spray us with your Natural Mystic:SuN030:

    There is no place I rather be than living conscious/subconsciously.

    Afrika:SuN030: Afrika:SuN030: Afrika :SuN030:

    Afrika is still paradise in spite of her conditions

    Majestic Eagle like and Shining Star :spinstar: :spinstar: :spinstar: Black/ Afrikaans

    Are we ready to make the SWITCH from that of a wrong mind-set for the right mind-set? We all have the qualities to Shape Shift. Switching from wrong mind-set to right mind-set is like Shape Shifting. Sifting out the wrong, Shifting our minds to be Shaped right. Use the GEARS in a car as an example as to how we get back in our right Divine mind-set. If we do not make the Switch we make treaty with the enemy mind-set by continue to have the Only Human Being mind-set, the physical flesh (EGO) reality, never desiring to know the Ethereal Divine Spiritual reality that will take us home (right mind-set).


    Return,:thinking: Return, :thinking: Return, :thinking: to our once Divine mind-set. That is the only way we will restore, rebuild, relive the Divine way, which is the right way.

    Afrika :SuN030: Afrika :SuN030: Afrika:SuN030: