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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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forever is not a long time
especially when in love for
forever comes so quickly when
you never want love to end;

i've never thought of forever
when it pertains to us for
time has no place in my life
whne i think of loving you;

i used to wish for forever
it seemed so proper to do
but i know that forever is
limiting my time with you;

today i rest on tomorrows
for no matter what today may
bring i know that tomorrow
will secure my hopes of you;

my life here on earth is short
a twinkle in my father's eye
which is why i want to hold your
hand until GOD's eyes are closed;

I can't imagine tomorrow alone
when a life in me no longer exist
but i dream of GOD's blessings for
in HIS presence i await you;

i await the day when i can look
into your eyes to see the love
within for then you will see it
would be i who shed the most tears;

i wish a mile was a step for then you
would only be a long walk away and i
wish circumstance was happenstance for
then i could, by chance, cross your path;

My untouched emotions in unreached
places have a visitor entering so
stealth to plant her seeds of peace
and joy in fertile soil;

I walked a lifetime alone gathering
love, trust, comittment and today i
take 1 chance to find 4-ever in 3 words
i send to you: 1...4...3...
I know you know the flood gates are WIDE open right now..right?
Each tear i shed is a testimony to the desire and longing to be with you each day, every day. I think about these days to come and i await patiently knowing that they will bring so much happiness for us.

This is such a beautiful poem, I cant thank you enough...



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