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    Do you believe foreseeability should be a determining factor in finding someone liable, or should we simply hold people liable for the outcomes of their actions, no matter the foreseeability of the ultimate injury. Said another way, should an "I didn't know that could happen" be a defense to one's actions?

    I'm a bit partial when it comes to this to be honest. The law does not protect the stupid. We all have common sense but a lot of us fail to use it and because of it, we do stupid things and it not only hurts us but others as well, so to me, some form of consequence should take place to help us make better and smarter decisions. For example, if you know that driving drunk is wrong, but you do it anyways, I'm sure you didn't "forsee" someone getting hurt, or you getting in an accident or better yet, you hit someone and they spin out of control, and then comes a 18 wheeler and the 18 wheeler didn't get to stop in time and ends up hitting the guy who got hit by the drink driver, yeah I think he should be held responsible for all of that, regardless. He may not have even forseen something drastic like that happening, but if he wasn't driving intoxicated in the first place, none of that would have even had even as much as a remote chance of happening. What are your thoughts?