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    For Your Ears Only

    Let me whisper loud and clear,
    Sweet love droppings in your ear.
    Hear me out, as I express my desire,
    Of what my lonely heart admire.

    I admire how you bathe me completely in your bliss,
    There’s so many parts of you I long to kiss.

    There’ll be no limit …
    What I will …or will not do,
    I relish the thought of pleasing you,
    Tamper, taunt and tease you too.

    When you smile, chills run through my soul,
    Protect my heart…you got full control.
    Will you
    Cradle my heart, as I would have done?
    For you now have “two” hearts…
    and I have none.

    Bring your ear closer, …listen to me,
    I’ll share my thoughts with you, endlessly.
    I scribed your name on every star,
    So you’ll never, ever…be too far

    You got me humming your name in the shower,
    When we’re apart, I count every hour.
    When you appear, my world seems okay,
    It’s a natural fact, you add joy to my day.

    Did you hear everything I just said in your ear?
    Was it any part at all, that wasn’t clear?
    Now it’s your turn to say if our love stand a chance,
    Now is the time to make your stance.
    So …
    If you do love me
    Let me know
    If you don’t
    Let me go!
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    I don't think these words are for my ears...but... I will say that I felt this piece was chock full of passion and desire. And btw, stop holding out on us poetess, it's been much too long! :)