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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

There is no greater Evil than Lies and acts of Deception and to play upon the Down and Needy, sending out Hope without substance, nor having the ability to deliver promises that do not drop any lower than to the Middle Class of America, a politics that re-enforce the Class system in America, because the system of Capitalism is insulated from the Change that is now being Talked about and where there is a System of Social- Economic Capitalism, justice will continue to escape the Lower Class in America, regardless of who will occupy the America White House.

Change, the present day buzz word in today's America Politics, yet for over Four Hundred Years, never has there been a constructive change to take place that was qualified in delivering Justice to Black People in America.

I am not attempting to sound pessimistic in the midst of Black American jester of positiveness over the emerging of a Black man with second Class Racial Credentials, because anybody in their Divine mind, know that the Rise of Obama is solely based on the Fact of his Race Mixture and such a Deceptive act by White People gravitating toward Obama as if Race does not Matter, make these to be a Dangerous Time for Black People, we who conduct our Lives based upon the Politics of America and not Divine Thought guided by Reasonable, Rational, and Logical Thinking.

So I ask, for whose Life is this Talked about Change, is to affect ? if Obama or whomever else get elected President of America, where does such an election leave the issue of Reparation, the philosophy of Black Nationalism and Pan - Afrikanism, well, on the surface such Dynamic issues will be assume to be Dead, but underneath, it serve as the beginning of the Rise of Black Nationalist Activism, because the Down Trodden will come to realize that an Obama Presidency is incapable of bringing Change so Low, to where their Lives in America reside.

America was founded upon a Class system and where there is Capitalism , a system that Govern and Control the Economic Success of its Citizen, unequally, then the call for Change in the political arena in America, is Flawed and Deceiving, because Change with the remaining of a Capitalist System, is Change for the Middle Class - Upper Upper Class in America, the Lower and Lower - Lower Class, remain the Slaves to a System that is not subject to Change.

Welfare will not Change, Injustice will not change, Drugs and Drugs addiction will not Change, Youth homicide will not change, Black egotistical behavior Will not change, Black Profiling will not change,Racial Integration / Assimilation will not Change, Racism / Unjustified Prejudice and Discrimination will not Change for Black and Poor People in America, and so forth and so on, so for Whose Life is this Talked About Change, will be affected, and to what extent in America ?

As you Black so call Afrikan Americans become so excited over Obama Rise to prominence in America Politics, a game Controlled by the Forces of Evil in the World.

How Pitiful are Black so call Afrikan Americans, but then, if I was a participant in America Politics, I to probable would be on the Obama Political Band Wagon, but then, that would just make me to be a member of the Pitiful so call Afrikan American.

Change does not dictate Black so call Afrikan Americans Liberation and such a change can very well end up being for the worse for the Black Lower Class and only Agony for the so call Black Lower Middle class in America.

Here is Lovingly Thinking Of you


Chief Elder

Has he been hand picked to create an illusion of understanding an accepting individuals whom they have attacked and sub jected through out history. I will point out one thing he has not made any statements regarding the plight of the so called african in america and what he will do for them. Why has he not. Some thing just don't smell right elder.


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