Black Spirituality Religion : For what type of service to God I am suited for?

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    For what type of service to God I am suited for?

    Ans. Any soul suits to the type of the service of God in which it is having the spontaneous talent. You should serve God in any way you like spontaneously without any force or fear or ambition for any fruit in return. God is pleased with such spontaneous service only and the fruit of your service is in the same phase only (Ye yathamam… Gita). If your spontaneous service is theoretical, the fruit is also theoretical. If you praise God, God will also praise you in return. He will grant you good voice and good language. If you show theoretical devotion through good emotions, He will grant you good mind. If you serve Him through knowledge, He will grant you good intelligence. If you serve Him practically, He will help you practically. If you do practical service with aspiration for some fruit in return, He will grant you the practical fruit, which is temporary like heaven. If you do practical service without aspiring any fruit in return like Hanuman, you will be granted the eternal practical fruit.
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    It's true that when you devote yourself to the Great GLORY, He does indeed at His choosing grant you blessing in whatever it is you may be doing. One only need to do all things in faith to the Father and the Son. The Son was sent of the Father and came to teach us how to do all things in faith, as He did. He did nothing without the Father but all things with the KING, and even when He sacrificed His body for our sins and iniquity, and cried out for the Father, He was showing how His mind and faith were still in the Father and forever toward our Creator. And after His resurrection from the dead on the 3rd day, He showed for proof what faith in the Father would bring us, and taught us what fruit by having faith in He and the Father would be gained. We should always believe in His works and His words, as He showed us and commanded us, and life eternal certainly will not be far. :)