Chief Elder Osiris : For What It Is Worth!!!

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    For What It Is Worth!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    After Deep and Serious Meditation, observation, and study of the various quality of spirit Black people express in the world, my conclusion is that there is a very deep and serious problem within the Ethnic Group of so call Black Afrikan People, and it is a problem with such intensity until not until that problem is dealt with in all Divine honesty, Black people will not have the desire to save ourselves.

    Black people have been made to be so dishonest with ourselves, as if we have been given a mind that have us in an act of deceiving ourselves mode, and the sad part about Black people, is that we believe in our action of self deception.

    So, when you have a people that is without the mind to be trustworthy, caring and honest with self, then there is no way there ever will be a Time when Black people will be able to boast of having Afrika back under the authority of the Black Afrikan and to be able to substantiate the claim that Black so call Afrikans are now one unified Black Nation again.

    The reason why such dynamics will not become Divinely real in the presence of Black Afrikan people, is because Black Afrikan People are without the desire to See Afrika and Black people united to each other.

    The Ego, Envy, Jealousy among Black people, and it is directed toward each other, it is such a Mind barrier that has Black people believing that one is better off in the world than the other and such competition to prove such a myth, only goes on among and against each other, and Black people take such ignorance to be acts of valor.

    Black people have untold number of divided and subdivided groups going around holding all sorts of meetings with each other, they all have no knowledge of what is required of Black people to do in order to be able to save the ethnic lives of Black people, and those groups do not know such needed knowledge concerning the safety of Black so call Afrikan people, because Black people do not have the Mind that will alert Black people, telling them that the lives of Black people are in jeopardy and the enemy is within the Black Ethnic Family, as well as without.

    The thing about it is, Black so call Afrikan people are without the necessary self information that will give cause to Black people to once and for all, face the demons that are within the Ethnicity of Black Afrikan people.

    There is in no way there ever will come a Divine change that will be in the Divine interest of Black Afrikan People, as long as Black people continue to use as our motivation, lies and acts of self deception, being dishonest about the truthfulness of the Mind status of Black Afrikan people, those are the attributes of the mind Black so call Afrikans now wear.

    Black people now operate under the guidance of a Mind process that is without the proper mental calibration that will produce and reveal an act of conscious that is capable of condemning the evil action now being performed by so call Black Afrikan people.

    It is all such evil action that is being directed against the Body Life of Black afrikan People and Black people be talking about they be meeting to change the condition of the life of Black people.

    The fact remain that, when in fact we refuse to be honest with ourselves enough to admit that all that we Black people meet and have met about, held conferences about, make claim about in the interest of Black Afrikan people, all is no more than a lie with an act to deceive Black Afrikan people, and to instill fear in the Mind of Black Afrikan People, so that Black people can impersonate being of the spirit of Black people oppressors.

    When a people have lost the ability of being ashamed of the way we conduct the Black life, then that become evident to fact, that the Black Afrikan people are without self respect, and a people without self respect is a people that is totally ignorant of the value of the life of the Black self, and it is that ignorance that move Black Afrikan people to be the most self dishonest people upon this planet Earth, when dealing with cause and effect that has the Black life as is today, which is nothing to be proud of.

    The so call Black Afrikan people have yet to hold a Honest meeting that will deal with the root cause of the problems that are facing the life of Black Afrikan people, all such so call meetings that is conducted by Black people, serve only to the whim of the so call Black Afrikans egos, having a want to feel important among little stratified groups of Black Afrikan People, discussing false and deceiving topics, misleading Black Afrikan people to believe there can be something meaningful to come from such group meeting, that is being led by dishonest Black so call leaders.

    The problem that maintain Black people to have problems in our lives, is the fact that the Black Afrikan Nation, divided we are, such a divided Nation of Black people are without Divine leadership, and the present profane leadership, they keep Black Afrikan people from knowing that Truth.

    Whenever you hear anyone Black, make the statement that Black people do not need leadership, then know that you either have an idiot in your midst or a agent of the devil in your midst, or a combination of both, because no where within the majesty of the Universe, is such a message conveyed to you Black so call Afrikan People, the Universe being our Master Teacher.

    But you see, when the position, leadership, is being denounced, it reveal the depth of distrust, disrespect, and untrustworthiness that goes on in the mind of Black so call Afrikan people among each other, those of us who make such a self condemning claim.

    Tell me, how can the student learn Divinely without the coming of the Divine Master Teacher, profane learning require there be no teacher, because all information is profanely influenced upon you, you having the profane mind without the Divine ability to Profoundly Reason,so you end up making claim that you do not want a leader, you not being mental qualified to know what your Black Body Life Need.

    Any Meeting Black people participate in, and the topic is not about the need to deal with the problem from within the Nation of the so call Black Afrikans, such become a meeting designed to prolong the ignorance and suffering of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    THe Black Afrikan Nation, now been subdivided into meaningless Tribal groups, groups that is with a goal to become in appearance and action, more important than the other, they not realizing that it is self ignorance that motivate such self destructive action, verifying that nothing of a Greater Good is to ever come from such a profane mind, which is now on display by self ignorant confused Black so call Afrikan people.

    I am not labeling us as such, it is the spirit Black people now reveal before the world today.

    When a people have been immune to acknowledge past experience and present experience for sake of an anticipated future experience, then know that you now reside in the midst of a people that is motivated only by lies and acts of deception, the two crutches Black people now use to prop our profane Human Being Mind up, as it continue to serve to the detriment to the so call Black Afrikan People today.

    If Black people do not meet to make plan to self purge the Black Nation, then such a meeting that is absent of such Divine seriousness, is only to prolong and advance the profanity of mind, and to protect the lies and acts of deception, which is what have the Black so call Afrikans being the most selfish dishonest people in this evil deceiving world today.

    It being a world now being led by the Liciferian Human Beings, they being the liars and deceivers of the so call Black Afrikan People today.

    So what Black so call Afrikans do, we spend every waking moment impersonating the Luciferian Human Beings, as we go about our self ignorant ways, oppressing each other within the Black Afrikan Nation, and you wonder how it is that we got into the life condition we now experience today?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]