Black Poetry : For Those Who Have Ran From The Truth

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    Nov 15, 2001
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    i'm gonna be right for you
    i'm tryna be real with you
    I better appeal to you
    i'm gotta be strong to deal with you

    i don't feel the way you love me
    all that used to be real and true
    that i thought i needed from you
    realized it did nothing but make me feel blue
    i just can't do that anymore to me or you
    i have to be what i was
    before us, before lust
    that i felt and took as love
    but above all that i have to believe
    the fact that what i feel isn't real
    and i can't understand how
    i'm supposed to deal with this void
    that i feel when it's "just you & your boys"
    it's almost as if your love depends
    on your situation
    and i no longer have the patience
    to sit around here waiting and wasting
    my time while you're on the prowl
    for other dimes
    why toy with my mind
    instead of letting me go, you lock me up
    as if your love has a leash
    but i can't sit back and feast on it
    you just give me nibbles and bites
    so i fight with all my might
    to let what's right
    hopefully ignite a flame of reality
    despite the fact we only pretend
    to play the game of normality

    i'm gonna be right for you
    i'm tryna be real with you
    I better appeal to you
    i'm gotta be strong to deal with you

    and yet i still give you my all
    only to be disapointed
    "i'll be home at a quarter to 10"
    but i begin to realize
    that really means half past 2
    what's wrong with you
    forget your watch again
    no more excuses
    i refuse to be abused by your neglect
    i know you're not perfect
    but even imperfect people
    play the game of punctuality pleasantly
    so are you teasing me
    instead of doing your all in pleasing me
    and still you're deceiving me
    while you're with her
    am i supposed to take this easily
    listen up, are you feeling me yet
    or have you already forgotten
    all that was said
    too much for your head
    hold up, is it too much for you period

    i'm gonna be right for you
    i'm tryna be real with you
    I better appeal to you
    i'm gotta be strong to deal with you

    Or even better, just be strong for myself
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    Spreading Joy.... need some?
    Sixburgh, Pa.

    I don't know if these words are from personal emotions. However, knowing when and how to let go is so painfully difficult, but not letting go, does more emotional harm. When couples are on a different mindset on which direction they want their relationship to take, it's time to reevaluate what's most important. Sometimes a partner's love surpasses the other's , making the relationship feel one sided. I enjoyed your poem. I felt the flo of your words.
    ~Look at me, rambling on.....I almost forgot to welcome you into the family....:wave: Hi There, Welcome to the family. I like your name. :)

    Madd Sistahly Love :heart:
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    i ain't occupied by nothin for too long
    below the mason dixon

    real nice sista.

    like ya style and ya flo. pix not bad either.
    hit the hi-wa.