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    '...My prediction is that for employees who are well educated, well trained and ambitious, the next few years will be tough ones.
    Why? Because well-educated, ambitious, high paid employees are often the first to be downsized and once down sized, they often find it harder to find a job at the pay scale they were use to.
    In the Industrial Age, if you were well educated, hard working, and experienced, you were desirable.
    In the Information Age, experience and age are liabilities, not assets. So with each passing year, it gets harder to re-enter the job force and find a high paying job in the new economy. As my rich dad often said, "The rules have changed. If you want to do well, change with the rules." Unfortunately, we are in time of crisis. Nevertheless, for the brave at heart, now is the time to make changes, changes that will give you life time financial security which is far better than job security....'
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