Black Spirituality Religion : For those who believe in Gods word ""Remember the sabbath"'

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    Hi all:)

    i just want to remember you one of the commandments...
    to keep the sabbath holy...
    I do notice that a lot of churches preach about ..
    you know Not cheating ,not stealing..
    loving youre brothers and sisters...

    you know they all come out of the 10 commandmends wich are stil inportent...

    For those who now think "'are you an sevendays adventist"'
    i say...

    I believe in ..The God of Abraham ,The GOD if Isaak ,The God OF Jakob...
    The Alpha and OMEga ,the Son ,and the Holy spirrit,

    and the Word of God......

    where we can find the 10 commandments....

    So if you are free that day On wich He rested from his works to thank God for it..
    If you like to be free on that day ..
    Pray for it...
    by God all things are possible....
    If you believe In this and you have workers under you...
    give them free that day...
    let them work on sunday instead ....

    I noticed that if i rest on that day ..
    i am more fitter that week than if i rest on another day..

    but that means you have to go to sleep on time to during the week..
    otherwise you re still tired..

    Read in jesaja what will happen if you stay in obiedeance to this..

    take youre rest...
    Holy it by not doing youre bussines..
    and other unnessesary work..

    this is still a special day for the lord...

    But a good deed you can always do on that day..

    dont forget ...
    dont become like the farizeers

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    As faithful to the King, we should always make sure to keep His Shabbat Day Holy, as well as all other days, so that it's shown as example to others, we fear our KING everyday, and worship our Father forever. Never cease in praise and prayer to the KING in the Son's name, for He hears us, when we are faithful to the One who died for us, and believing in the One who was resurrected to life eternal, by His power. :) Blessings.