Black Poetry : For Rodney

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    In memory of a gifted musician whose life was cut short by sickle cell anemia at age 21, May 11, 1996...oh, but he blessed all who knew is the 6th anniversary of his passing. I shall never forget my favorite drummer boy...
    [I was going through some boxes,
    still unpacked,
    in the attic
    when I came across your picture]

    Has it been 4 years already since you've been gone,
    my funny friend?

    [I sat down in the dusty upper room
    holding your gold-framed smile...
    no, you was grinnin up at me

    like you always did...gleam all in your eyes]

    "Boy, you need to quit" I heard myself say...tickled

    (how you used to tickle me)

    You had me wrapped around your little finger, cause you could do no
    wrong, and I told my daughter so...

    "Child, Rodney is a GOOD man, betta recognize"

    [she knew you were the 1...but you know young girls, Rodney]....

    Never will forget the way you'd always smile, in spite of
    the unspeakable pain

    You never did let on how afraid you were...
    (but I know of times you cried)
    courageous in the face of certain death...
    (up until the day you died)

    making sure others were happy...that was your way

    Rodney, she meant to call you, that last time...
    I know; I was there...Rodney...I saw her face
    when she finally called, two days find
    that you had gone that morning...Rodney, I heard her crying
    bitter tears every night for what seemed like an
    eternity...playing and re-playing your last message on her
    phone...listening for you...longing for you...always
    believing the next call would be...from you

    "Hello sweetness, this is the man of your dreams, call me, girl!"
    (you're still the man in her dreams)

    We didn't get a chance to say good-bye, Rodney...
    all the times before, all the hospital visits...
    nothing prepared us for your final day...

    Your boyish glow belongs on my mantle above the fireplace
    you loved so much, Rodney... you burned many a log at
    our family gatherings...Rodney

    [A tear rolled down my cheek and fell upon the laughing
    image of my funny friend...the never-would-be-my-son-in-law,
    marked from birth to die too soon...]

    I remember you, Rodney...especially this time of year...
    and you're with us every day...beaming down
    from my mantle above the fireplace ...

    [I can still hear some of those tall tales you used to tell,

    "Boy, you need to quit now, child!"
    [caught up between laughter and sadness ~my face is wet from crying]

    See you in a little while...

    Alyce, 2000
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    I had to stop by here. This is my favorite.

    Thank you for honoring his memory. I have to keep believing and trusting that God does all things well. :(

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    this peace is sooo very beautifully sad, yet at the same time, so warm and loving....treasured memories....

    it bought back memories of conversations I have each year and it made me cry, but they were good tears...