Black Poetry : For People Who...

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    Its time for me to move along
    Instead of in one place
    No people trying to pressure me
    And all up in my face
    Sour cream and onion breath
    That’s hard to block away
    But this is what I’m really saying
    While typing on this page...

    For people who believe its true
    That jealousy’s arrived
    Who don’t believe in magic tricks
    Then you are on my side
    For people who resist the hatred
    That accumilates
    And who cannot resist the joy
    Then you are thinking straight
    For people who reply to fun
    Without a violent act
    And those who don’t reply to disrespect
    I got your back
    For those who prove to be themselves
    Despite of who you are
    And those who never prove the worst
    Your life won’t be as hard
    For those who like to socialize
    With people they would trust
    And those refuse to socialize with fake
    Has lots of love
    For those who take the easy road
    Without a trace of fear
    And those who don’t take any jive
    Then you’re accepted, dear
    For those who left the worst behind
    And know that trust is true
    And those who have not left their knowledge
    Then I’m cool with you
    For those who hold onto thier dreams
    When something turns out wrong
    And those who don’t hold on to guns
    Then you are not alone
    For those who fall for education
    Getting those degrees
    And those who don’t fall for the "Big House"
    Then you are just like me
    For those who show a lot of courage
    With the work you get
    For those whose not getting spoon-fed
    Continue to do what’s best
    For those who ends rocky road
    And starts another path
    And those who do not end success
    You’re lucky I mentioned that